Facebook has run into multiple problems in recent times mainly due to their handling of privacy concerns of their users. The most popular social networking site constantly changes its privacy terms and their latest changes have resulted in people ending up sharing more than what they actually intended to the general public. This has happened because of changes in Facebook’s default privacy settings.

We have always stressed how important it is to cross check the privacy settings of Facebook, but for a not-so-tech-savvy user, the process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Thankfully, some concerned folks at ReclaimPrivacy have come out with a bookmarklet that can scan a Facebook account to evaluate the privacy settings. The bookmarklet is a no-brainer and really easy to use. All that the Facebook users need to do is to drag the bookmarklet to their bookmarks and click on it to initiate the privacy scan. Not to mention, one needs to be logged on to his/her Facebook account before clicking on the bookmarklet.


The scan will perform six different checks:

  • If the user has opted out of the Instant Personalization feature
  • If the personal information are restricted to friends or closer
  • If the contact information are restricted to friends or closer
  • If all friends, tags and connections information are restricted to friends or closer
  • If friends are protected from accidentally sharing personal information
  • If all applications that could leak personal information are blocked.

ReclaimPrivacy bookmarklet is a must have at this point in time. Check it out now!

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