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YouTube is the best place for sharing videos. You can also make money from YouTube using simple marketing tricks. YouTube can drive a lot of traffic to your websites and thereby you can make $$ from it. Today let us see the 15 secrets for successful YouTube marketing.


Before getting into the topic, I tell you why should one choose YouTube for effective marketing. YouTube is free for all and anyone can upload videos, So generally many people will be using YouTube. A recent survey shows us YouTube serves 2 Billion page views per month. So you can imagine how effective it will be for marketing.

Normally when you promote a product using television ads, people tend to ignore it, but at the same time when you market a product by getting with them closer, say through family friend or YouTube video where they spend most of the time, they get easily attracted. The marketer should promote the product in a friendly way in a non-sales pitch manner so that they get the customer attention easily.

OK, Now YouTube serves 2 billion monthly page views and there are more than sixty million viewers that are watching YouTube videos each day. let us see how to be successful in YouTube marketing!

15 Secrets For Successful YouTube Marketing

1. The amount of videos which you upload – The problem that many companies face is, they upload the videos and wait for the customer to come to them. Use facebook and twitter to promote your videos, once your video gets some reach, then don’t leave it idle. Leaving it idle will make your customers think you’re dead. Upload new energetic live videos on a regular basis. This will make your potential customer know you are still around and not just another company that went bust.

2. Put yourself into the shoes of the customer – You need to make the videos live and energetic so that customer should come back again to watch it. So think if you were in their shoes for making the videos more viral.

3. Make sure you upload quality content and keep your channel fresh, so that visitors don’t get disappointed and will come back again. Therefore following the above 3 steps will create a huge YouTube followers.

4. Now you have uploaded quality content by placing yourself into the shoes of the customer, now the questions is how will the customer know that you have launched the new video, more important is how to drive traffic to your YouTube video?

5. Sharing is important. Whenever you upload a new video on YouTube, share it with friends and all the contacts from your address book. The more clicks, you get more attention and thereby you can reach more customers.

6. A quicker way is to create a company profile and add friends on Facebook, interact with them. Make them forget it is company’s profile and be friendly.

7. Promoting the video on social networking sites, make sure you’re on all the social networking sites, forums etc. Make sure you build community which you’re interested in.

8. For making your YouTube video stand out from the crowd and demand attention, your video must be very catchy, humorous or controversial.

9. In every video you create, add a message and then your advertisement. So that when people watch it, they get impressed through the message and likely to share with everyone. So, your video gets viral.

10. Don’t promote your product simply by words, that won’t be effective. Promote your product with live demonstration so that when they finish watching the video, they also remind of your product and not an empty mind.

11. Add friends – Adding friends is a powerful way to gain exposure on YouTube.

12. For a successful YouTube marketing, you need to have a proper channel with some customizations. So that it can get you more subscribers and also enough YouTube following.

13. When choosing the account type on YouTube, remember your target audience, niche you’re in and then choose a account to signup YouTube.

14. Categorize your videos by assigning suitable tags, titles etc. So that when people search for particular tags or titles, your video will come up in the search results

15. You should use YouTube like your blog, use the comments system in a effective way and build relationship.

This is a Guest Post written by Srivathsan G.K, who blogs at MadrasGeek where he deals about Blogging, Social media and Web 2.0. 

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