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by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Pingdom tools – one of the most popular and accurate tools to test page loading time of websites has added DNS Health checkup tool to its arsenal.

DNS or the Domain Name System is a vital part of the world wide web. It is very important for the websites to have proper DNS settings. Website downtime is just one of the many issues you can face with improper DNS settings. On top of that, bad DNS settings can be hard to track down and can cause a lot of head ache for webmasters and site owners.


Check out DNS Health Test Tool

All you need to do is just input your website name in the text box provided and click on “Test now”. There are 6 different tests which get carried out – Delegation, Nameserver, Consistency, SOA, Connectivity and DNSSEC.


If your DNS settings are absolutely proper, you will see Green buttons for all the 6 individual tests carried out. For warnings, you will see amber colored buttons. Red buttons indicate a major issue. Clicking on Advanced View tab will give a better idea on what’s wrong. Best thing for you to do would be to contact your hosting/DNS provider in case of a problem.

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  1. I checked this tool for my blog and your blog. It gives the same warnings and wrrors for both of our blogs.

    1. I contacted the host and they asked me to ignore those warnings. Typical developer behavior! Ignore the warnings, care for the errors alone!!