As a computer user, most of the time you try to customize the interface of your desktop. You can simply achieve this by changing the wallpaper of your desktop but finding high-resolution desktop wallpapers is quite difficult and most of the time you have to search the wallpapers on search engines and on photo sharing sites.

No need to worry InterfaceLift comes as a rescue which provides you more than 2183 high-resolution wallpapers which can be easily downloaded and applied to your desktop.


“InterfaceLift is a well stocked and most popular website that allows you to download free high-resolution widescreen wallpapers”.

Some of the features of InterfaceLift are:

1. Save High Resolution Widescreen Wallpapers directly on your local hard disk.

2. Download wallpaper according to screen resolution.

3. Option to download the wallpaper according to the tags of your choice.

4. Navigation Menu allows you to find the wallpapers according to your favorite artist.

5. You can easily browse for similar content by selecting Color, Scene, Location, Medium, Event, Equipment or subject.


You can easily download all the wallpapers by clicking on the download button and the navigation menu allows you to choose your favorite option (like tags, artist, resolution, etc.)


With InterfaceLift you can easily freshen up your workspace.

Bonus Tip: InterfaceLift has an iPhone App whih can be downloaded from iTunes App Store!

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