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TechPP Reviews X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers

Never make a mistake of judging a book by its cover or judging a speaker by its size. The X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers are innovatively designed to be ultra-portable and precisely engineered to deliver a superior sound, all for just $49.95!

, TechPP Reviews X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers

X-Mini Max II capsule speakers consist of two modules which can be set apart or joint together, thanks to the magnetic base. The design of this speaker set is such that they are super-travel friendly and can be a real good addition to your laptop kit. With a simple twist and lift, you can pop open the individual speakers to reveal the Bass Xpansion System (BXS) which mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer.

Packaging & Build Quality

, TechPP Reviews X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers

X-Mini Max II speakers come in 3 different colors – White, Black and Red. The body is probably made of plastic fibre with matte finish. The unit measures just 4 inches long and 2.5 inches around at its widest point. Around the base of each speaker you’ll find a power switch, an aux-in jack, a Mini-USB port, and an indicator light. The LED glows red during charging and blue when the modules are powered on.

Audio Quality

Of-course there is no dearth for portable speakers for laptops and mp3 players in the market, but most of them come with problematic sound, either at low levels or high levels. This is where X-Mini Max II scores gold. The developers have made sure that they don’t sacrifice the sound quality while ensuring a portable design. The music from the speakers ensures clarity and the sound packs a punch at the highest volume.

, TechPP Reviews X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers

We tested X-Mini max II by connecting it to an iPhone 3GS. The speakers come with a four-way cable which is a bit clumsy. It consists of two Mini-USB attachments, a 3.5mm straight plug, and a standard USB male connector. Once you connect the plug to the iPhone (or any other mp3 player or laptop), you would need to connect the two speakers with two mini-USB attachments. The USB male connector is for charging the speakers.

One can easily feel the difference in sound bass before and after expanding the BXS. The Bass is amazingly good for such small speakers and the volume is loud too which proves their tagline – Minimum Size, Maximum Sound! Surprisingly enough, the sound quality doesn’t deteriorate a great deal with the increase in volume, which is the case with many portable speakers.

X-Mini also offers an optional accessory called the Buddy-Jack, which lets you create a virtually endless daisy chain of Max II modules. As you can see below, we tried connecting X-Mini Max II with X-Mini II. While the setup was effortless, the result was great. There is no need to try this daisy chain setup unless you are using the speakers in a large hall or noisy outdoors. The volume controller is embedded with the connecting cable which is pretty much a standard now-a-days.

, TechPP Reviews X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers

X-Mini Max II comes with rechargeable batteries which is a huge plus-point. With just 2.5 hours of charging, it will deliver around 12 hours of non-stop music! A simple travel pouch which comes with the package helps you carry the capsule speakers along with the cables.



  • Build quality
  • Rechargeable batteries with good battery life
  • Buddy Jack feature
  • Surprisingly good sound for its size
  • Value for money


  • Clumsy cables
  • Hard to fit in the pockets

One might feel the lack of bass when compared to regular speakers, but with the compact design and for the price, what it offers is really good. Having never heard about X-mini before, I was in for a huge surprise when I first played an Aerosmith song. The egg shaped capsule might not really fit into your pockets, but that’s a nice trade-off for a 2 speaker setup.

A big thumbs up for X-Mini Max II and highly recommended if you are a frequent traveler.

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Note: Review unit provided by XMI.