Surprise! surprise!! Did you know that the MS Office license you bought is actually valid for two PCs? Well, even I didn’t know until I read this post on Neowin. In a reply to a tweet, someone from Microsoft Australia has spilled the beans on this hidden gem.


the Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office is licensed for installation on up to three machines, and all other versions of Microsoft Office are licensed for installation on two machines “1 desktop and 1 laptop”

Here is an extract from MSLT.


It is quite common these days for people to have a desktop as well as a notebook at home. So, it will be unfair to buy multiple licenses of MS office in order to use it on both the PCs. That must be the reason behind this not so well publicized licensing.

The same logic holds good for other productivity suites as well. So make sure you do the painful reading of the license terms before buying an additional license.

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