Sony Playstation 3 is jailbroken at last! The PS3 jailbreak was long overdue and we finally have an USB based plug n play modchip which installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal very much intact. But then, all we have is a video, which does look genuine, but still not a proof enough to validate the claim of PS3 being jailbroken successfully. So take this news with a pinch of salt.


By jailbroken, we mean to say that PS3 has been hacked to play backed-up games without discs. Quite obviously this will result in hundreds and thousands of pirated copies flowing around the torrent sites. The system is called ‘PS Jailbreak‘ and is apparently capable of ‘backing-up’ games on both the older PS3 Fat and the newer PS3 Slim retail consoles.

As Engadget points out, for the fact that PS3 has been seen as the toughest nut to crack all these while, it is better to wait and watch if this PS Jailbreak stuff is for real. But then, the PS-X team say that they have personally verified and confirm the existence of this modchip.

Check out the video and decide for yourself

When many people alleged that the above video is fake, the creator of the first video made a new one to prove them all wrong.

PS Jailbreak – Features

  • PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
  • Supports all games (it does not allow backups of bluray movies , dvd movies , or past consoles games)
  • Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive blueray burners and costly blank media.
  • Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the blueray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.
  • Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.
  • Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.

Download PS Jailbreak for PS3

We will soon let you know where to get the PS jailbreak modchip. Currently the PS-X scene forum is down due to heavy traffic. So stay tuned and we will update you right here!

Update: The PS-x scene website is back up but the bad news is that the jailbreak comes in form of USB hardware which obviously costs you money ($169). Logically speaking, a portable version of the software must also work, but we don’t have the info yet. So stay tuned as we update you here.

Update 2: Guide to Jailbreak PS3 using PS Jailbreak

Update 3: Download Free PSJailbreak Alternative – PSGroove

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