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Otterbox Defender iPad Case Review – Complete Protection

In-spite of those initial doubts, iPad has managed to come on top and is now being sold like crazy. With its crystal clear display and impressive processor, Apple’s iPad has successfully made a place for itself in between a smartphone and a notebook. You can read TechPP’s iPad Review here. Having said that, just like any other device from Apple, iPad falls short when it comes to durability and safety aspects of the design.

, Otterbox Defender iPad Case Review – Complete Protection

This has resulted in multitude of businesses manufacturing the cases for iPad. One noteworthy iPad case is the Otterbox Defender Series. It is a heavy duty case with three layers of protection and is made of polycarbonate and silicon materials. Otterbox has already made some popular & successful defender cases for iPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. Does the iPad version has the meat to impress as well?

Otterbox Defender – Features & Design

The Otterbox Defender case for iPad has a three layer protection –

  • the silicone “wrap” which is thick but flexible
  • the two piece hard plastic case which holds the iPad &
  • the polycarbonate cover which snaps the other two and also acts as a stand

In addition to these, it comes with a generic screen protector. As the name suggests, Otterbox Defender cases are specifically made for outdoor use. The materials used are of real high quality and guarantee a great deal of security. You feel safe when taking your iPad on vacation or daily commuting. For that extra protection it gives, I must say the materials are incredibly light.

Otterbox Defender – Looks & Performance

The Otterbox Defender case gives your iPad a framed look. The silicone “wrap” covers the whole of iPad, while all the buttons are easily accessible. One can see how much of detailing and efforts have gone through when designing this case. The round cut at the back showing the Apple logo makes it look even better. It has a small hole on middle-top for the non-existing camera.

Setting up the defender case is a tough task. The case comes with a clear adhesive screen protector film, a cardboard squeegee, and instructions in pictorial form all packaged in a black paper pulp tray. Going through the instructions is a must in order to set up the case properly.

Once the screen protector is applied, the iPad needs to be placed inside the two piece hard plastic case. The silicone wrap is then fitted onto the hard plastic case, which takes some time and patience. After the case is assembled, the silicone skin is wrapped around the whole assembly which takes some time and patience. The fit is really tight and ensures enough grip. The whole build feels a bit heavy, but that’s a nice compromise for the safety of your iPad!

The outer polycarbonate cover has a unique bump-and-indent system which makes it possible to snap the iPad from the back for the normal use or from the front, covering the screen during transit. The polycarbonate cover comes in with a built-in stand, which comes in handy when watching a movie. But then, the stand works only for landscape mode.

Final Take

Otterbox Defender iPad case is a well made iPad accessory with high quality materials. The design is well thought off and provides maximum protection just the way it promises. The silicone skin wraps so nicely around the iPad that even dust can’t make it to the device. With Defender case on, you can feel safe from the occasional drop, bump and/or scratch. Having said that, this case is not for a casual user. It adds considerable weight which affects portability. A heavy price of $90 is another factor to consider.

If you travel often or if your usage of iPad involves rough handling, I would recommend Otterbox Defender case for you, despite the high price. None of the cases present in the market right now come close to Defender when it comes to protection and safety of your $500+ device. Check out the pics in the gallery for extra angles and views.

  • Case Name: Defender Series
  • Manufacturer: Otterbox
  • Color choices: Black
  • Price: $89.95 ($52.30 at Amazon)

Note: Otterbox provided the sample piece for review.