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Analyze Your PC Securely With The PC Wizard 2010

, Analyze Your PC Securely With The PC Wizard 2010

PC Wizard 2010 is an amazing utility that not only shows you the complete analysis of your hardware and software, but it also reveals many more hidden secrets of your PC, which a basic user may not be knowing. There is not much difference between the current and previous versions. It helps you to analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware such as CPU performance, cache performance, Hard Disk, RAM, CD/DVD-ROM, Video, Direct X, MP3 compression performance and so on.

Installation & Usage:

Installation process is not that complex. When you start the PC Wizard, it takes a bit time to open since it scan your current PC settings and configurations to display the results. The UI is quite user-friendly, but the icons and the old-fashioned graphics reminds us the age of Windows 98. The various icons and tabs on the left side gives you quick access to all the different sections available for analyzing.

, Analyze Your PC Securely With The PC Wizard 2010


Not only does it offer hardware, software and network configuration data, but it also includes a very cool Benchmarking tool under the Benchmark section of the left menu. It has an interesting feature which shows the activity of your CPU within the green color which practically looks shabby on the desktop screen, but it is definitely worth its presence.

The feature that attracted me the most was the benchmark section, it not only gives you the complete info about the system, but it also compares the result with the standards of other systems. So that the user can figure out where his system lags. With this you can benchmark the RAM, CPU, Windows, Global, L1 and L2 Cache, Video, removable media and even MP3 compression among others. PC Wizard shows an easy to understand graphical representation of results.


The benefit of this utility is that, it gives you detailed information about your CPU, processor, RAM, ROM, HDD, etc. Moreover this amazing utility is available free of cost. The only drawback in the utility is the time taken for processing the results, but it is quite necessary to get the appropriate results.

Rating: 3/5

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