Ultimate List of Apple Photoshop Bloopers

by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019


Apple makes excellent gadgets, no doubt. But their PR team is also famous for some of the worst photoshop goof-ups in recent times. Things seem to have gone out of hand ever since they hurriedly launched iPod Touch 4G early this week.

We have collected and listed out some of the recent Photoshop bloopers from Apple, thanks to the folks at 9to5mac!

Ultimate List of Apple Photoshop Bloopers

1. Phone Icon on iPod Touch 4G


This is an ad for the latest iPod Touch. Notice the phone icon on bottom left of the pic on the right?!

2. SMS under Spotlight Search


iPod Touch 4 comes with spotlight search, which is cool. But you can see a couple of SMS messages within the search results! From when did they include SMS option in iPod Touch?!

3. HD Videos for iPhone 4


This is plain farce. The page talks about HD Videos feature in iPhone 4, while the image says iPod on top left!

4. Emergency Calls on iPod Touch


May be it is too early to judge this as a blooper, but my instincts say it is.

5. Messed up Reflections


This is a tough one, but someone caught them here. Look at the messed up reflection at the bottom!

6. Apple logo Blooper


Needless to point the mistake out!

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  1. With the emergency call one, some phones have it so if you need to call fire rescue, ambulance or police and you don’t know the password or need to call quickly, it is a button right there which is a free call. I have seen in some phones that you need to type in the emergency number for the button to change from the usual ‘Go’.

  2. And on the iPod Touch, I would say it would only work if connected to the internet as the iPod has a microphone on it…

  3. anyone else noticed that in the new TV add to show Verizon, there are two white hands doing work on the iphone 4, but at the end when they show facetime one of the participants is black.