Have you ever thought of having a custom designed Personal “About Me” pages on the web? A webpage which can act as your online profile with your photo, your bio and links to various social profiles and blogs? Well, one such place is About.me


About.me is still in stealth mode, so you cannot create profiles as yet. But you can still g ahead and reserve/book your username, so that, as and when the service comes out of beta, you get to create the profile page with that reserved username.

Check out some real cool splash about me pages – Tony Conrad & Ryan Chris (Founders), Om Malik, Lindsay Campbell, Tim Armstrong & Ellen Hopkins.

At the backend, About.me will help users understand how many people see your profile, where they’re coming from and what they do on your page. It makes real sense to go ahead and block your vanity URL before someone else grabs it.

Alternatives for About.Me

1. Name.ly – Name.ly is a platform of impressive and jingling URLs, those web addresses that read as proper slogans or phrases. Name.ly offers a whole lot of brands and jingles with the likes of ThatIs.me, Sincere.ly, Of-Cour.se, What-El.se so that there are more interesting ways to connect or provide links to.


2. Flavors.Me – It is a simple service using which you can create your online profile bringing together multiple online profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Twitter. Just like About.Me, the splash page created looks stunning, but then it isn’t free like About.me


3. Card.Ly – Card.Ly is more of an online business card and not an online profile service. From end user perspective, it isn’t much different. It has both Free and Paid options.

Other similar services include UnHub, Chi.mp & Follr.

So, which one you like the most? Which one you deem to be useful and nice? Let us know!

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