Are you fond of using multiple browsers and sometimes unable to find your favorite pages and bookmarks? Then Darq Software’s Transmute can help you manage them appropriately. This is an amazing utility which allows you to import and export bookmarks from one browser to another automatically, rather than doing it manually. It saves your time as it does almost everything automatically, since the tool itself selects the bookmark folders and saves them without any errors, which avoids all the confusion.

Installation and Usage

Darq Software’s Transmute is a free utility, which can be easily downloaded from their website. The installer is packed in a ZIP file and it can be easily installed within a few clicks. The user interface is quite smooth and easy. The user just has to select the browsers between which the bookmarks have to be transferred. The algorithm of this program is amazingly accurate and smart. It locates the bookmark folder of the browser and thus helps in saving time. It covers almost all the existing web browsers.


Likes and Dislikes

After using this program for few days, I found some unusual merits and demerits of this program which are:

  • The user interface is effectively organized and simplified for non-geeks.
  • Automatically detects the bookmark folders path, thus saving a lot of time and efforts.
  • Deletes existing bookmarks to avoid confusions.
  • Covers almost all the major browsers and formats.
  • Available in all major languages.

The only disadvantage in this utility I found was the absence of Help option, for which the user has to actually log a request on the product website.

Transmute works with all of the major bookmark formats including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Backup (JSON), Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Flock, Konqueror, Chromium, XBEL, Google Bookmarks and Delicious.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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