Misplaced your phone? No idea where you lost misplaced it? Why don’t you simply call the phone? That should be the easiest way to track your phone, isn’t it? Oh! you don’t have access to another phone to call your lost cell phone? Ouch! Don’t fret. FoneFindr is there to your rescue! Update: The service is dead.


True to its name, FoneFindr helps you to find your misplaced phone, by letting you enter your cellphone number, right from the website’s homepage and wait for the service to call and make your phone ring. You can then follow the sound and find your phone!

What more? You can even decide how soon you want FoneFindr to call your phone. You can make the call immediately, or choose to wait 30 seconds or 1 minute. It might so happen that the phone is buried under a heap of clothes or books, so the service lets you make several calls till you actually find the phone.


Once you find the phone, make sure you answer their call and record your message as to where you found your phone! You can manually type the message on the homepage. The most popular ones are published on the homepage. Some of them are truly hilarious, like this one from (a fake) Steve Jobs!


This online service is really easy to use and very useful at times. Currently, it works only for US phones, which is a dampener for people outside US. In order to safeguard users from unauthorized calls, the website provides an option to Block or opt-out of this service by adding the number to their Do Not Call registry.

If you are from US, you can also check out wheresmycellphone.com which is very similar to FoneFindr. These kind of online tools are helpful only if you have misplaced your phone within your home or office and not useful if you have lost it elsewhere or if your phone has got stolen. In that case you can check our article on tracking phones.

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