It’s been a while since we had seen a working Free Calls service anywhere in the world. The previous one we wrote about, Free411 free international calls worked really well for a long time but eventually went into the oblivion. Luckily, we now have a really cool service, FreePhone2Phone, which lets you make totally free calls to over 50 countries including India, UK & Canada.


Obviously there is a catch, a couple of them actually –

  • Each free call is restricted to 5 minutes.
  • This Free VOIP service works only in USA.

If you are in US, rejoice and start using the service right away, and if you are not in US, you can still make use of it with a work-around, which I will be explaining later. If you are wondering how/why the service is free, FreePhone2Phone makes money when you call their access numbers either via your landline or mobile. There is something called interconnect charge which they recover from your operator and make money from it. Update: They don’t seem to charge interconnect fee, but have completely advertising based revenue model.

How to use FreePhone2Phone to make Free Calls from US?

1. Pickup your phone and call one of the local access numbers listed on their homepage.

2. You can make free international calls to over 50 countries which are also listed on the homepage. Make sure it is a landline number you are calling. The service supports calling cellular phone numbers of few countries including India, China, Hong Kong & Singapore.

How to use FreePhone2Phone to make Free calls from outside US?

Technically, FreePhone2Phone works only for US based phones. But then, there is a simple work around to use it from anywhere in the world to make free international calls. The trick is to use a Google Voice account, either from your Gmail or Gtalk.

Google Voice always displays a local US number and your call goes through just like a local call. If you are wondering how to get a Google Voice account outside US, the answer is to use a Free VPN or a proxy service.

Since yesterday, I have tried making calls to US & India from India and it has worked great. Do let me know your feedback and if it’s working fine for you.


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