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FriendShuffle – Mashup of StumbleUpon and Facebook Likes

Like it or not, Facebook’s Like feature has grown in acceptance amongst the users ever since it was announced earlier this year. Most of the websites embed the like button and readers normally like the content they find interesting, so that their friends get to know and read them as well.

On the other hand, StumbleUpon has been a well-known and popular service to find suggested (or random) interesting stuff on the web. A mashup of StumbleUpon & Facebook Likes will make a great time-killer and that is what FriendShuffle does!


Just log in with Facebook Connect and it will create a web-framed slideshow of the pages “Liked” by your friends on Facebook, very similar to the way StumbleUpon works. You can shuffle through and discover interesting content as suggested by your friends.

As RWW points out perfectly, FriendShuffle is so much like StumbleUpon but the algorithm is social, not behavioral.

Check out FriendShuffle!