October 31st is just a few days away and you might be looking for some quick & unique Halloween Costume Ideas. If you start right away, you might get hold of some really cool and unique idea for your Halloween costume, but if you are late and short of ideas, no need to fret; internet is always there for your rescue!


10 Sites for Free Halloween Costume Ideas

Be it for that fun Halloween costume parties, or to just trick your neighborhood kid, an inspiration is what you need to get that perfect Halloween costume. We have done all the hard work to get you that unique costume for the upcoming Halloween! You can now leave Lady Gaga behind with some of the best Halloween costumes!

The list below is not in any particular order. So make sure you browse through the list completely.

1. Halloween Web


This made-for-halloween website has listed out some of the most common yet most extensive list of Halloween costume ideas for both adults & children. The ideas are alphabetically arranged and few of them contain a detailed explanation and ideas including accessories, hair & makeup.

2. Robin’s Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


Robin has collected and put together some of the best, cheap, tried & tested homemade Halloween costume ideas for you to play with. All are cheap, easy, and allow for tons of imagination.

3. Costume Idea Zone


A dedicated website for just costume ideas for kids, adults & couples. Look out for separate sections for Traditional Costume Ideas, Quick & Easy Costume Ideas and also Costume Ideas for Groups.

4. Costume Kingdom


Costume Kingdom is an online shopping site dedicated for Halloween costumes. In case you are feeling bored to get a homemade Halloween costume, you can as well buy the ready-made costumes right from the store. Of course you can simply browse through the store to get inspired and make your own costume!

5. CostumZee


CustomZee is more than a Halloween custom ideas website, but the stuff they have on their site is of top quality, specially the ‘How-To Costumes’ section, which has lots of user contributed unique costume ideas including those for Halloween. Also look for Popular Costume Ideas and Editor Picks.

6. Halloween Costume Quick Ideas


Looking for that last minute costume idea? Then this website can help you better than the rest. It has some wide collection of unique Halloween costume ideas with things that you may already have around the house.

7. Halloween Instructables


A really well made site with loads of Halloween costume ideas combined with detailed instructions on how to make each of those costumes. Browse though the website categories to get that best Halloween costume idea you were always looking for.

8. Incredibly Unique Halloween Costume Ideas


Trendhunter has listed down 57 incredibly unique Halloween Costume ideas which deserves to be on this list. It’s in form of a slideshow, but each slide is accompanied by a detailed article and several related pictures, which will surely inspire you to come up with your own costume idea for this Halloween.

9. 50 Unique and weird Halloween Costume Ideas


Essortment has listed down some really weird and original Halloween costume ideas and includes tips on clever and strange outfits. Check it out and see if any of them help you come up with that perfect Halloween costume.

10. Extreme Halloween


Feeling lazy to make a homemade Halloween costume? Then Extreme Halloween can help you with some popular Halloween costumes for kids, adults & couples. You can buy the costumes you like right from the website and even choose the size which fits you the best.

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