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monCarbone HoverCoat iPad Case Review

Sexy is the word which came to my mind the first time I saw monCarbone’s Hovercoat iPad case. If you own an iPad, you would already be mesmerized by its design and its imperative that many of you would love to flaunt the beauty rather than covering it up with a thick, hard folio case. Luckily, monCarbone’s Hovercoat case adds to the beauty of iPad while still insuring it against minor falls and slippages.

, monCarbone HoverCoat iPad Case Review

The HoverCoat is made out of real handcrafted carbon fiber that provides a very unique and great looking sharp look to your iPad without compromising weight or bulk. The HoverCoat is extremely lightweight and slim. It weighs as little as 42 gram and has a thickness of just 0.6mm!

Why Carbon Fiber for an iPad case?

According to monCarbone, Carbon fiber is the ideal material to appeal to high‐end users in the electronic accessories market. The precision engineering of carbon fiber provides high tensile strength and durability greater than the properties of steel! Through its unique crisscross pattern, it also provides an elegant look and the feel of luxury. Previously used only in the aerospace industry, top racing cars and high‐end sports equipment, carbon fiber is virtually unbreakable and offers sports car styling.

monCarbon Hovercoat iPad Case Features

  • Hand Crafted, tailor-made iPad case cover
  • Super thin – for the user to enjoy iPad’s feel and beauty.
  • Reinforced scratch resistant finish
  • Made from 720,000 carbon fiber strings
  • Complete access to all iPad controls
  • UV resistant features prevent discoloration of the case under sunlight

monCarbone Hovercoat iPad cases Varieties

monCarbone Hovercoat iPad cases come in two varieties – Mystery Black & Midnight Black. While Mystery Black is matte finished carbon fiber, Midnight Black has a glassy finish. The inner side though, is smooth and glossy for both of them.

, monCarbone HoverCoat iPad Case Review

Usually, carbon fibers are associated with glossy finish. May be that is why I felt that Mystery Black, which has a matte finish to be a bit unusual. After using it for a while, I got used to it, but somehow it failed to impress me as much as the Midnight Black’s glossy feel.


We were sent both the Mystery Black and Midnight Black versions of Hovercoat iPad case for the review. Having used a bulky (yet secure) Otterbox Defender case and a folio case for a long time, monCarbone’s real carbon fiber case impressed me a lot for its weightlessness and the oomph factor it provides.

Everyone who were checking out the iPad for the first time did spend some time appreciating the case as well. Hovercoat covers the iPad snugly and flawlessly. The intelligent design allows complete access to controls and ports, and I love it!

, monCarbone HoverCoat iPad Case Review

monCarbone notes that the carbon fiber case can impact the signal reception depending on the signal strength in your area, but with my wi-fi only iPad, I didn’t see any drop in wi-fi signal strength with its usage.

Having tested a silicon case, a leather case, a rubber case and a plastic case before, I must say that the carbon fiber case is way ahead when it comes to looks, feel, usability and durability. If you are someone who loves to use the iPad bare naked, I am sure you will love to use Hovercoat since there is hardly any difference in terms of weight, while it provides that extra security.

What about the negatives? Hovercoat’s carbon fiber can only protect your iPad from minor falls and slippages, but it can’t secure the screen from major falls. It hugs the iPad so nicely that I found it a bit tricky to get the iPad out of the case. The major con is the price – it costs $89 which is on the higher side for an accessory for many. But then, 100% real carbon fiber doesn’t come cheap, isn’t it?

, monCarbone HoverCoat iPad Case Review


Ever since iPad was released earlier this year, we have seen numerous iPad cases by multiple manufacturers, all aimed to provide protection for your iPad. However they all seemed to add bulk to the iPad making the device seem bigger than it should be. Here is where Hovercoat strikes. It weighs next to nothing and hugs the iPad closely. The handcrafted design is too sexy to resist. The $90 price tag might be a bit steep, but if you want a sleek, light weight shell case then the HoverCoat is well worth the price. Finally, I would suggest you to try out both the versions before buying. If you want my choice, Midnight Black is the one to go for!

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