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Are you searching for a back up program which is safe, user friendly and free at the same time? If yes, then your search may end here. Usually users don’t go for backup programs, since they have a fear in mind regarding the loss or damage of important data stored in the PC.

FBACKUP is a free utility which minimizes these risks. With this program you can schedule regular backups and you can also choose full or partial backups, levels of compression, drive mirroring, backups of specific folders or files, and much more. Backup is created in standard zip files that can be easily accessed with any compression program. Its a multi-utility software that can be used for both commercial and personal purpose.

Installation & Usage:

Download the .exe file directly from this site. In just 2-3 clicks, the program will be installed and ready to use. After using this program for few days, I found out that, this utility can be easily used by anyone, including your non-techie friends. The most important thing about the utility is that, its user interface is not complicated like other backup programs. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 7.

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Main Features:

  • Automatic Backup: FBACKUP provides you with a feature where you can schedule the backup time whenever you need, it then automatically backs up the data & saves your precious time.
  • ZIP Compression: In the full backup type, the sources will be archived using std zip compression. Backup uses ZIP64 compression,that means create zip files over 2GB in size.
  • Password Encryption: You can secure you backups with passwords.
  • Multi-language feature: Enables the user to Choose a language for the user interface from the languages currently supported.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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