Apple’s Find my iPhone service which was available as part of the annual paid service – MobileMe has gone completely free with the release of iOS 4.2 for all iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. While the other MobileMe services will still remain premium, this one feature is now available free for everyone.

Note: Download iOS 4.2 [Direct download links]

Find My iPhone was one service which should have been made free long time back. Even though there are many free and paid third party apps to track iPhones, Find my iPhone is the most popular and highly regarded service.


With ‘Find my iPhone’, users can login to and track their iPhones or iPads right from their PCs or Macs. Not just that, users can also make their phones play a sound even if it is in silent mode or remotely locked. One can even wipe the data completely in case he is sure that the device has been stolen.

The rumors about Free MobileMe have started making rounds citing pressure on Apple from HTC’s, which provides a similar service free of cost to its users.

Note that, according to Apple’s press release,

The free Find My iPhone feature is available for iPhone 4, iPad or new iPod touch (4th generation)

Now that’s bit of a dampener for many others (like me).

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