Watch Chrome OS Event Live Online Today

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

As we reported 2 days back, there are strong rumors of Google launching Chrome OS netbooks today at San Fransisco. What’s confirmed though, is that the Google Chrome event will be starting at 10am PST.


The schedule points out the Demo session towards the end of the event which again indicates the possibility of Chrome OS netbook launch today.

Watch Chrome OS Event online

In case you would like to get the first hand information of what Google Chrome event will unveil today, you can tune into, the official Google Chrome Youtube channel or and catch the event live.

Of course you can rely on us to report the even in greater detail later on in the day.

Update: Some live blogging links –

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  1. I have still yet to see any official mention of Chrome OS announcement by Google. Only the Chrome browser.

    I could be wrong but, all this seems like pure speculation at this point.