According to Google Zeitgeist list for 2010, “Micromax” is the 4th most popular brand on Google search and ‘Micromax mobile’ is the second fastest rising query term in 2010. This just confirms how popular Micromax has become in India. It is the best known brand among all Indian Mobile Brands and is just behind Nokia and Samsung in market share (though the recently published IDC report lists GFive at number 2, which is debatable).

Micromax launched its first mobile in 2008 and in less than 3 years, it has been able to create one of the biggest Indian Mobile brands with many successful models. Key to Micromax’s success is absolute value for money phones, good designs and targeting of specific segments (like longest battery life, mobile for girls, Facebook phone, gaming phone, Wi-Fi phone etc) with every model backed by strong sales strategy and clever advertising.

Following is a list 10 most popular Micromax Mobiles of all time.

Micromax X1i


USP: Ultra Long Batter Life

Micromax X1i was the first mobile phone launched by Micromax in 2008. It came with a 1800 mAh battery, with a standby time of 30 days and talk time of 15 hours. This was a big success in rural India where charging mobiles was a big problem because of power cuts. It was also one of early entrants in the Dual SIM mobile category which was readily accepted by people.

Best Price: Rs. 1,599

Micromax Q7


USP: Wi-Fi Enabled, QWERTY Keypad With Track Ball

Micromax Q7 is the successor to the really popular Micromax Q5fb which was positioned as the Facebook phone by Micromax. With Wi-Fi and inbuilt apps for Facebook, twitter and instant messaging this phone became really popular with young professionals and tech savvy students. It is one of the well designed and good looking qwerty phones available in the market for a really cheap price.

Best Price: Rs. 3,999

Micromax Q55 Bling

USP: Made for Girls, Made with Enlightened – Swarovski Elements, Compact Vanity Mirror

This one was designed exclusively for young ladies. It comes with Enlightened – Swarovski Elements and vanity mirror. It looks really gorgeous with its shiny white body and Swarovski crystal element. With its sub Rs. 5000 price, it was readily grabbed by ladies.

Best Price: Rs. 4,769

Micromax Andro A60


USP: Cheapest Android Phone Available

This is yet another proof of Micromax successfully targeting a niche. With Android OS getting really popular, there was no affordable Android phone available. Micromax Andro A60 with a price tag of less than Rs. 7,000 is the cheapest Android device available in India. It’s targeted for tech savvy young students and professionals who want to play around with Android OS.

Best Price: Rs. 6,554

Micromax X235


USP: Remote control phone (Remote Control for AC,DVD & TV)

This was nothing more than a ‘yet another cheap feature phone’ but with a trick up its sleeve which made it really cool and popular. It came with a remote control feature where it can be used as a remote control for AC, TV or DVD player. If you just wanted a cheap basic phone this was the one you could pick up among hundreds of other options because of its unique feature. Just imagine how cool it is to change the channel of a television in a public place. I am sure students in colleges would really love it.

Best Price: Rs. 1,909

Micromax G4 Gamolution


USP: Motion Sensor Gaming Console

This comes with Motion Sensing Controls and 3D games for Tennis, Badminton, Bowling and many more. Motion Sensing controls makes it a really cool choice for someone who want a gaming phone at a budget price. It can also be used as a web cam with USB Data cable. This phone became popular with all the gaming enthusiasts who could not afford costlier gaming devices.

Best Price: Rs. 2,213

Micromax X600


USP: Dual SIM Access Using Gravity Sensor, Accelerometer

Micromax X600 comes with Gravity Sensor which enables SIM switching by just a spin. Essentially this means that one mobile phone can be used a two phones – one in each direction. It also comes with 3.2 inch touch screen and Multi Instant Messenger, Facebook apps and browser. If you are looking for a good decent size touch screen Dual Sim mobile for a sub 4K price, this is one the best choices.

Best Price: Rs. 3,766

Micromax X550 Qube


USP: 3D Cube User Interface, 3.2 inch touch screen

Micromax X550 is positioned as a premium touchscreen offering from Micromax. It comes with 3D Cube User Interface with Customizable Widget Arc and Touch Sensitive Wallpapers. It offers a premium touch interface user experience. It has apps for Facebook, other social networks and supports Multiple Instant Messaging via Nimbuzz. It is targeted for people who want a decent touch screen phone with a slick UI at a budget price.

Best Price: Rs. 4,349

Micromax Q6

USP: Slider Qwerty

Micromax Q6 is the Slider Qwerty phone build for lots of messaging and texting. It features a slide out full Qwerty Keypad and is one of the best full qwerty keypad phones within Rs. 5,000. It features a dedicated Facebook button and Multi Instant Messenger. It is targeted for people who want a fulltime access to social networking and who do a lot of typing on their mobiles.

Best Price: Rs. 4,268

Micromax W900 – Windows Mobile, GPS Navigation

USP: Windows Mobile, GPS Navigation with Maps from MapMyIndia

Micromax W900 is the premium offering from Micromax. It is a Windows Touchscreen Mobile. It comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, Voice Assisted GPS Navigation with Maps from MapMyIndia, Microsoft Office and WLAN (Wi-Fi) and features a 3.2 inch touchscreen. If you are on a budget and are looking for a great navigation + business phone, THIS IS IT. With a price tag of below Rs. 8000, it’s got it all.

Best Price: Rs. 7,484

Other Notable Mention:

Micromax Modu T

USP: Lightest Touchscreen Phone

Micromax Modu T is the lightest Touchscreen Phone. It weighs only 55 gms. It is a 3.5G phone and comes with a 2.2 inch touch screen. It comes with 2 extensions, a 5 MP Camera Extension Jacket and a Sportify Arm Jacket which can be attached separately to the mobile as required. It generated a lot of buzz when launched because of its unique design, but it did not become as popular with consumers as expected, may because of its price point where it competes with premium brands.

Best Price: Rs. 9,731

Note: All the prices mentioned above are as on 1st Jan 2011

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