It was predicted that in this year’s CES 2011 the tip of the iceberg was networking and it was also said that electronic gadgets and devices will have more built-in networking capabilities than computers.

The main theme of the networking vendors at CES 2011 was ‘Home is where the Network is’. This should not come as a surprise because since the past few years several home entertainment devices like flat-screen TVs, media playback devices, game consoles, and so on, include an Ethernet port. Others use USB Wi-Fi dongles to connect to a wireless network, and many even come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

The new trend now is for network vendors to transport digital entertainment than just business data and for this; they are introducing a new range of products that will enable consumers to watch movies, share photos, listen to music and perform many such entertaining activities without actually worrying as to where the real content is located. Apart from just rendering faster networking services to home-based consumers the vendors are also focused on improving the networking of small businesses who can use faster networks or big file transfers and backups. Along with this several small businesses can also make use of the network cameras that help keep a security-eye on workplaces.

The Probable Products on offer –

ces 2011 - faster technology & better media connectivity enable 'enhanced networking' - netgear widi push 2tv adapter
The major announcements of products were those that would support the generation – next WiDi technology from Intel and they include a range of products like moving notebook multimedia to HDTVs and stereos. Renowned companies like Netgear will introduce new Push2TV adapters, the PTV2000 which are fabricated keeping in mind the WiDi technology that will enable 1080p video and streams protected content. D-Link is also intending to bring out its first WiDi adapter – the MainStage during summer. Meanwhile, Logitech has also announced a WiDi speaker adapter priced at $30, which again is a revelation in the music playing arena. The speaker adapter from Logitech would play WiDi-enabled notebook audio over external stereo speakers.

Faster Networking, More Connectivity –

One of the ways by which networking vendors are integrating multimedia is by selling hybrid routers that combine networking technologies, offering support for both wireless and wired devices. One such example of a hybrid router comes from D-Link and here is the detailing of the product – ‘D-Link’s Hybrid Wireless-N Powerline Router (DHP-1320) incorporates support for 802.1n WiFi (on the 2.4GHz band), HomePlugAV, and Ethernet. Netgear, meanwhile, announced its own Wi-Fi/HomeplugAV/Ethernet hybrid, the N300 Wireless Router + Powerline AV (WNXR2000).’

Along with routers like these there is also another device which is gaining quick recognition and a fantastic acceptance rate from the networking technologists. And that is – Powerline, which is a major help in electric wiring and sometimes more reliable than Wi-Fi. The earlier mentioned products will surely be a part of an escalating trend that uses Wi-Fi as an alternative to wired and Bluetooth amongst devices. If the Wi-Fi seems unreliable for some reason there is always the dependent tool of powerline wiring that can be called for rescue.

Altogether a fantastic start to the New Year for networking vendors by bringing in a revelation to home entertainment and also to businesses.

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