How Windows Works?

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016


Before any Microsoft fanboy flame me for putting up this funny chart, let me confess that the chart holds good for Mac OSX and Linux as well. But the last part of the chart is more closer to Windows than the other two operating systems. Isn’t it?


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  1. only time my Mac crashed was when i accidentally deleted itunes resources. i was using a microsoft mouse. they dont work properly…..

  2. I’ve been using an iMac since a long time now and trust me, it gets as slow as hell on OS X. It’s something about OS X, it’s just not as fluent as Windows 7.

    On the other hand, Windows 7 flies on the iMac.

    1. Well hounding know how to use and keep your Mac running smoothly obviously. You need to clean caches, logs and things every once in a while, try MainMenu for Mac, or snow leopard cache cleaner to keep it running blazing fast

  3. Nice, I use Windows 7. Planning to buy a Macbook, will comeback here visit and laugh, but as of now, it is not funny for me :P