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FULL-DISKfighter – Review & Exclusive Giveaway

FULL-DISKfighter from SPAMfighter is a brand new comprehensive disk maintenance program for Windows which combines 4 valuable tools in 1 installation. Even though there are hundreds of disk maintenance software in the market, FULL-DISKfighter is aimed specifically towards Full disk.

It is a well known fact that hard drives tend to drag the PC slow when they near full capacity. This happens because Windows system writes a fair amount of data to disk, and without sufficient free space you won’t be able to use the computer. This is where FULL-DISKfighter steps in. It helps you recover valuable space and optimize your hard drive.

, FULL-DISKfighter – Review & Exclusive Giveaway

This doesn’t mean FULL-DISKfighter isn’t useful at other times. You would obviously don’t like to reach a situation where in your PC gets slow and unresponsive. Of-course they are some free solution like CCleaner to keep the PC junk-free, but FULL-DISKfighter packs in 4 powerful solutions in 1 application –

1. Cleaning – Scans for junk and unwanted files from your PC hard drive and removes them in one click
2. Optimizing – Analyzes, defragments and optimizes your hard disk for better performance
3. Duplicate file finder – Scans and deletes unneeded duplicate files taking up hard disk space
4. Large Files finder – Scans for files more than the specified size

What I like about FULL-DISKfighter?

No one would like to pay to buy a software unnecessarily, especially when a better and free alternative is available. FULL-DISKfighter, being a paid software (and costs $9.99 per year), has to have something unique and worthy feature to make people pay for it.

So, what I love about FULL-DISKfighter?
1. Easy to use interface which makes it easy for even the noobest of the noobs to keep his hard disk clean.

2. You can scan for unnecessary files within installed programs. Unlike a typical file scanner, FULL-DISKfighter scans within the program directories for possibly unwanted files. The best example is the iTunes folder where I found almost 2GB of unwanted data of my old iPod Touch!

3. Find Junk files by file extension and size. This is an even better option for many. You can specifically search for file extensions like .log, .chk, .bak, thumbs.db etc! Though I miss the option to add a new extension as I like.

4. When scanning for junk files, it neatly categorizes the scannables for better handling – Microsoft Products, Windows, Email, File Sharing, Third party applications, Instant Messaging, Internet browsers, multimedia and misc. files. Pretty comprehensive, isn’t it?

5. Multiple defragmentation options. It lets you analyze and choose standard (slow) or quick option to organize the file data structure on the hard disk.

Check out the Gallery below for comprehensive screenshots.

All in all, a much recommended software for Windows 7 and Vista.

FULL-DISKfighter Pro – Free licenses giveaway

Eugene from SpamFighter team was gracious enough to provide 20 one-year licenses of FULL-DISKfighter Pro, exclusively for the readers of TechPP! All you need to do is leave a comment below saying why you would like to win the free license. You better follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our Email newsletter to keep abreast with all the upcoming giveaways and latest tech news and tips!

Giveaway ends on 25th Jan. So hurry up!

Update: Winners announced – Ari Arsyadi, Regine, kelly, Joe, Siddharth, Mayur, Dave Harden, john d, alex19100, Anish Mohandas, Richard Meloche, Paul, ROHIT, StingRay, Mike, Dora Abshire, Grr, Johan Gustavsson, Yuni Ardita S. D, Goh Kuong Yan