After iOS, Android Zooms Past Symbian to Become the No. 1 Smartphone OS

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016


Android fanboys geeks will rejoice! Symbian fans (I know you aren’t one) will go into hiding and Apple fanboys will continue to pretend it’s nothing worthy to brag about. But why? According to Reuters, Google’s Android has just dethroned Nokia’s Symbian as the most popular smartphone platform in the last quarter of 2010!

Reuters are quoting the research firm, Canalys, for the report, but it should not come as a surprise that Android has overtaken Symbian, which has been going down consistently over the past 3 years or so. Even the newest version of Symbian failed to raise the eyeballs of the users as well as the critics. Android on the other hand, has consistently surged in the smartphone market, with its open-source approach and hit models from HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG.

Symbian has been on top of the ladder for the last 10 years, and had managed to hold on to that position despite the threats from Apple’s iOS and RIM’s BlackBerry OS. But Android’s superior technology coupled with innovative marketing from Google and top class hardware from HTC/Samsung, proved too hot for Symbian to handle.

In case you are more interested in the stats, check out the infographic below


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  1. I think Android will continue to grow only if the slow down a little and focus more of improvising the security issues in Android. It is still going great for them even after a major security loop hole that was found in Android 2.3 Gingerbread. While Android might have surpassed iPhone but iPhone is well cemented in the market and there rumors that they are going to launch iPhone 5 in July. If thats true than there are very good chances of iPhone coming back to the leading position. don’t want to comment on Nokia it has lost the charm that it had once. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  2. Being an avid Nokia fan I am really very sad over Symbian’s downfall. I own an iPhone 3GS but don’t like it (Substandard camera, connection problems, buggy OS, difficult to navigate etc etc) and still use Nokia N95 and X6 (Because of ease of use and less restrictions over functions). I personally see Android as the only competitor to Symbian. Let’s see what will be the strategy of Nokia to tackle it….(Other than adopting it….)

  3. I’m sure happy to see Android on top. Android’s phenomenal growth is the proof that there’s a bright future for open source softwares