Facebook Places, the location based service from the social networking giant, is finally made available in India. Though we don’t have any official confirmation from Facebook, many people have confirmed it to be working on their iPhone Facebook app and we confirm it as well. So no need of using any Facebook places hacks, if you are in India.


Back in November 2010, some blogs had falsely reported the arrival of Facebook Places in India, but this time, it looks for real. It seems to be getting rolled out in a phased manner. If you are an iPhone user in India, open your Facebook for iPhone app or visit touch.facebook.com from your mobile browser to access Facebook Places. I am not sure if it works on Android as well, but it should. If you don’t see Facebook Places enabled yet, you might have to just wait for the roll out to complete.


For now it looks like every new place being added has to get reviewed from Facebook. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: Though it works on Facebook app for iPhone, it is not working on touch website and Android for the same user. This doesn’t seem to be a full rollout yet. This is either a really slow phased roll-out or Facebook is simply test-driving Places with selected users.

Update 2: Some of our readers in Singapore are reporting that Facebook Places is enabled in Singapore as well.

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