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Rupees4Gigs: An Indian Clone of Fiverr

If you are a net junkie or a freelancer, the odds are that you would have come across fiverr, a popular marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. This unique service was launched just around an year back and it was soon a hit amongst freelancers and general public.

Though the concept was unique, it was way too easy for people to rip/emulate the business model of Fiverr and now we have tends and hundreds of Fiverr alternatives. When there are so many Fiverr clone scripts (like this and this) available, it shouldn’t be that tough for the rippers! This is very similar to the story behind Groupon clones!



As expected, we now have an Indian version of Fiverr, aptly named Rupees4Gigs. $5 of Fiverr has been replaced by INR 500 on rupees4gigs. So everything you see here is worth 500 bucks! You get some usual stuff like T-shirts & paintings to weird ones like wordpress installation & poster designs!

The website is easy to navigate and find the gig you love to buy. Users can even request a gig for which they are ready to pay 500 bucks. Rupees4Gigs is a nice place for freelancers and work-from-home people to reach out to more and more buyers. Sellers get Rs.400 for each gig sold, while the people behind rupees4gig get to keep Rs.100!

The promoters behind rupees4gigs haven’t made any effort to hide their Fiverr inspiration. Each and everything about the website is a rip-off. Even the obscure pages like “Terms of Service” and “User Protection Policy” are ripped from Fiverr. But then, the main challenge for the promoters must have been to get enough sellers on board in order to bloat up the marketplace. In the past month, they have managed to do just that including some interesting gigs. We need to wait and see how well it gets accepted amongst the Indian web users.

Make sure you give rupees4gigs a spin and let me know if you found it interesting enough!