Comparison of Smart TV Technologies [Infographic]

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

2010 saw a big surge and improvements in a new tech trend called Smart TV. For the uninitiated, Smart TV is one of the latest trends which refers to the integration of internet into the television sets, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players, thereby making the traditional television sets Smart, much like the term we use for mobile phones – SmartPhones.

The technology behind Smart TV is constantly evolving and top manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba and others are investing heavily on it as it is surely the present and future of televisions. The core part of Smart TVs involves web enabled apps for streaming media, personalized communication and social networking. Usually, the operating systems of Smart TVs are based on linux, unix, android and other open source platforms.

Top Smart TV Platforms

  • Google TV – Google, Sony, Intel & Logitech
  • Internet@TV – Samsung
  • Netcast – LG
  • Viera Cast – Panasonic
  • Vudu – Walmart
  • Bravia Internet TV – Sony
  • MediaRoom – Microsoft

Smart TV Comparison

Most of the top television manufacturers have just come out with their brand new HDTV models for 2011 and they have taken the Smart TV technology a notch higher. The onus is clearly on the number of tv apps available on each platform, but there are some subtle features which might help you make the right decision.

Here is a comparison chart of Sony Bravia Internet TV, LG Netcast and Samsung Smart TV. Though we are sure that the infographic is prepared from someone at Samsung, it still gives info worthy enough to be mentioned here.


Be sure that we will update this post as and when we have more information on other Smart TV platforms as well.

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  1. This is quite clearly made by Samsung, especially as Samsung believe LG Passive 3D is not Full HD (when actually it is). Samsung Marketing tool for their Smart TV’s basically.

  2. its quite funny that the only comparison info available is supplied by a samsung rep. but from a user based info i can tell you that there is nothing new offered by samsung or any other brand that isnt already available by the Sony NSX-46GT1. I own one and have all of the features listed above. my point is there is nothing new being brought to the table that would wow me to spend 2 Gs plus for a tv that I recently bought for 800 at One thing I noticed that none of those other brands offer is an intel processor dedicated built in the tv, ability to browse the web and watch tv at the same time via PIP. So idk about the rest of the people who read this article but i personally am very satisfied with my purchase and like the fact that my tv is made by google which promises me more possibilities of features and functionality in the future. One suggestion for those who buy that samsung tv which costs 2 gs plus is the buy a sony blu ray player for 179 which will give them the true functionality of a smart tv like mine or just for those who just want the functionality without spending so much.

  3. This is super out of date and factually incorrect…..even at the time of authorship
    Please update it with correct information or delete it.
    LG is full had and over 1300 apps with flash and a smart hub also a 65″ inch screen and many other things… 
    Some changes need to be made to Sony and Samsung as well.