As you might all know by this time, Google has come out with a brand new social networking service to rival the ever-growing Facebook, aptly named Google+. The service is currently invite only, but is getting a lot of traction from early users (including me). In case you are already on Google Plus and wishing to move all (or selected) Photo albums from Facebook to Google+, you would first need to transfer the photos to your Picasa account and then link them up on your Google+. But wait, you can do the same thing easily in just a couple of clicks using Move2Picasa!

An experimental project from Amiworks, Move2Picasa requires you to link it with your Facebook and Picasa accounts and automagically migrates the photo albums from Facebook to Picasa.

move to picasa

As you would expect, the time required for migration is directly proportional to the number of photos you have in Facebook & also the current number of photos in the migration queue of the service. For now, you will be forced to migrate ALL your photos (and albums) to Picasa. But I hope the developer provides an option to pick and choose the albums we like to migrate to Google+.

Also, the status will not be auto-refreshed. So refresh your Move2Picasa dashboard frequently for the updates status. Personally, I didn’t encounter any issues in migration. So I assume it should work for you as well.

All the photo albums uploaded on Picasa continue to have it’s default privacy option set. So do check and adjust the sharing options to make sure the photos are visible to only those you wish to share the photos with.

Update: In case you wish to have more control on what photos you want to transfer from Facebook to Google+, check out PicknZip. This app lets you browse through the Facebook photo albums and select the ones you wish to download. The service will zip the selected photos and lets you download it in a flash. Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it on your PC/mac and upload them to Google+. And yes, it’s not as easy as Move2Picasa, but a nice bargain for the flexibility you are getting. You can even drag n drop the photos directly on to your Google+ profile!

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