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Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

I have been using a couple of uber-cool Folio cases for my iPad 2 – Cygnett Glam and Cygnett Windsor for over a month now. During this time, I got many other cases for review, but every time I went back to these Cygnett cases, which must tell you how mighty pleased I am using them.

, Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

As a professional, full-time blogger, I do attend quite a few tech events and the iPad 2 is the only thing I carry along (along with my phone of course). Safety of my iPad is my utmost priority and this is why I love the folio cases, specially the leather ones. No matter how many people have Galaxy Tab or some other tablet, iPad 2 still manages to get some eye-balls in these geeky events. Having a good looking and well designed casing surely helps me in this regard. Cygnett has come out with some of the best iPad 2 folio cases I have seen till now.

Cygnett Glam iPad 2 Case

, Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

Glam is a high-gloss folio case for iPad 2 which also acts as a multi-view stand on landscape mode. It comes in 2 colors: Deep Red and Dark Black. The one we received was the red one and the beauty is damn eye-catching for sure. You can’t really make out that the material used is leather, but it surely is. Not just it is fashionable, it offers 360-degree protection for your iPad 2 against minor falls and the usual wear n tear.

The inside of the case is soft and ensures that the precious screen of iPad 2 is free from any scratches. It also has 3 striped protrusions which acts as multi-view stands, enhancing your iPad experience. When closed, it provides easy-to-carry book-style design, but the glossy material might make the case feel slippery and unsafe.

, Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

You just need to slide the iPad in and use the Velcro strap to secure it within the case. Cygnett Glam comes with the magnet just like the Apple Smart Cover and provides the similar automatic sleep/wake function capability!

As you would expect, Cygnett Glam for iPad 2 claims to provide unobscured access to all the ports, cameras buttons & the touchscreen. But I must note here that the charging port is little bit more obscured to my liking. Openings for other ports and buttons are great though.

In US, Cygnett Glam is available for around $49 on Amazon and around £29.99 in UK.

Cygnett Windsor iPad 2 Case

, Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

Unlike Glam, which is a high-gloss folio case, Windsor has a much sober and under-stated polished leather design. Many would feel, Glam to be bit too bright and glossy to their liking, specially men. For such people, Cygnett Windsor is the way to go.

Cygnett Windsor is very much like Glam in functionality wise and provides enough protection while retaining its classy looks. It also comes with three-viewing angles, Velcro strap and magnets with automatic sleep/wake function capability.

Cygnett Windsor is available for $46 in US and £28 in UK.

Final Take

, Cygnett Glam & Windsor: High Quality iPad 2 Folio Cases [Review]

With so much similarities between them, I can safely give my views on both the cases at once.


  • High Quality Leather
  • Top class design
  • Automatic sleep/wake functionality
  • 360-degree protection for iPad
  • Multi-view stand on Landscape mode
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Competitively Rightly priced


  • Glam case can get slippery at times
  • Adds bulk to your iPad
  • Charging port is bit obscured

All in all, these 2 cases are my current favorites, even more than the Case-mate Venture which is cool but lacks the automatic sleep/wake-up functionality.