Apple released the final version of the hugely awaited Mac OS X Lion 10.7 yesterday and it comes with more than 250 new features including considerable changes to the look and feel of the operating system. If you are a Windows 7 user, who loves to play around with Windows 7 themes in order to experience the different user interfaces, here is a great news for you. You can now download a Mac OS X Lion Transformation pack for Windows 7!


This is very similar to the Mac OS X Snow Leopard theme for Windows 7 which we had written about long back. The Mac OS X Lion theme pack is pretty detailed and does a good job of giving you the OS X Lion experience on your Windows 7 PC!

The installation is straight forward. You will be given an option to install UX theme patch in addition to some files like wallpapers, visual styles etc. Choose the options you like and click on Install. Once the installation is done, the PC will restart and you will be greeted with the login page of Mac OS X Lion!

Download Lion Skin Pack

Note: You will find the download link on right sidebar of the page linked above. Standard warnings apply. It is always recommended to create a system restore point first before making changes to your system.

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