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Ten years ago, if you had bought an expensive phone then you were considered a wealthy person; somebody that had enough money to afford such advanced products. Nowadays, the consumer technology has opened its doors for everybody and the manufacturers are lowering their prices year after year, hoping to attract more and more consumers.

But what happens when yet another gorgeous phone knocks on your door? Suddenly, you become bored with your actual device and you think already about selling it. Who’d keep an iPhone 3GS when the iPhone 5 already knocking on our doors? Or, who will resist to the temptations that Android will bring in 2012? So here are some basic tips to sell your Mobile Phones and Tablets!

Online Marketplaces

If the phone or the tablet you plan on selling is in good shape, then you could sell it at the online marketplaces listed below. Sure, you can always sell a damaged or partly broken phone, but, obviously, you will not get so many offers than when you will offer it for sale in a good condition.

1. eBay

Without any doubts, eBay is the most popular online marketplace for you to sell your smartphone or tablet. There are probably millions of offers with all kinds of mobile devices on the website. If you’re serious about your sale, then be sure to check eBay’s Cell Phone Selling Guide. Another great thing about it is that you get stars and you receive feedback for your sale. That’s how you can become a trusted buyer or seller.

2. Amazon

Amazon’s interface seems even more professional than eBay’s, reason for which Amazon has reported an incredible revenue of more than $34 billion last year. While it isn’t that easy to be approved as seller as it is on eBay, once you’re in, then you are going to find a lucky shopper. There are many restrictions and limitations that can be imposed to your sale, so before trying to sell anything, be sure to check out the available information for sellers.


Although the website looks pretty amateur-like, with a design that would have been considered cool some 5-10 years ago, the selling process goes pretty smooth. The process is very simple and is explained here. The website has a good payment flexibility as it accepts Visa, Amazon payments, Amex, Discover and even PayPal. The website offers three basic features for the seller:

  • Negotiable classified ad, our most popular way of selling
  • Fixed-price classified ad, for when you’re not considering offers
  • No-price classified ad, for when you’re not sure what an item is worth

Local Sales and Online Networks

1. CraigsList

CraigsList has maintained its basic interface and it is uber-simple to search for the information you like, keeping the website totally clutter-free. This service could be “riskier” as you are not sure with whom will you meet to do your sale. eBay has, for instance, the escrow option and you can rest assured that they will not run with your money. But let’s not be so pessimistic. CraigsList is a great way to sell locally and avoid the hassle of shipping internationally, not to mention the possible troubles with an unsatisfied buyer.

Non-US customers should have some local-alternatives for Craigslist, like & in India.

2. Classified Ads

Classified ads represent one of the cheapest way of advertising a product or service. You can use classified ads to sell your mobile or tablet on the Internet or using a small text ad in the newspaper. There’s no point in advertising at TV as, obviously, the sale isn’t that big. Aim for your local newspaper as it will give you the chance to meet with the buyer and let him see the product.

3. Social Media and Word of Mouth

Do you think it’s silly to sell your mobile using your Twitter or Facebook connections? This could actually prove to be one of the best methods, as the people with whom you share information already know you and they will trust you. The word of mouth is the most powerful way to convince a person to buy. Let’s say you want to go and watch a movie at the cinema but you’re not too sure about its success. What happens if somebody recommends it to you and that somebody happens to be a person that you know and trust? So, don’t hesitate and spread the word. Who knows, maybe your buyer could be that nice girl who’s always liking your Facebook photos or your cousin.

4. Garage Sales

Garage sales are most popular in the United States but there are also countries in Europe, Asia, South America and even South Africa where you can find them. They are also known as “back-yard sales”. Truth be told, selling a phone or a tablet during a garage sale can be quite difficult but if your neighbor spotted something that he loves, hey, why wouldn’t he take the deal? If in your country, city or village one doesn’t have this kind of sales, then you could stick an announcement on your door. Not pretty advanced but it can yield nice returns!

Recycle Solutions

If your phone is old and maybe  damaged or you just wanna grab a quick sale, even if you’ll not get that much cash, then go for these recycle solutions. sometimes you will get a low amount, that’s why you should know before hand what to expect. It seems that mobile recycling is pretty popular in UK as you have lots of websites there. I am going to list below 2 websites that somebody I know has tried them out. But, if you want a bigger diversity, you can try these too:

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is a well known website and business in tech recycling, as their own description goes:

Gazelle has grown to be the nation’s largest electronics reCommerce company, saving more than 100,000 gadgets each year. But this isn’t just about preventing e-Waste. This is about changing the way we all think about buying, owning, selling, and recycling. We are working, together with you, to bring about smarter consumption.

You can sell or recycle, as you want, not only your cell phone or tablet, but also laptops, mp3 players, projectors, GPS devices, camcorders and lots of other tech stuff.

2. SellMyMobile

SellMyMobile is a website only for UK customers, there is also the website, available for United States citizens. SellMyMobile is actually a comparison website for mobile recycling. All you have to do is enter your phone model, select the best deal then post your phone announcement for free. After that, all you have to do is to silently wait for money. Unfortunately, it will work only for UK or USA customers.

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