The sun could be our greatest partner when we try to take technology to new heights. Imagine a world where your car could be fueled by solar power, you could walk out with your laptop not carrying a charging cord with you and using your smartphone for an unlimited period of time, letting the Sun feed it need for energy. We are not too far away from that future, to be honest.

If you look around, there are already so many solar powered gadgets that you can use in your daily activity, be it for work, fun or for the comfort of your house. Presenting, in no particular order, 13 gadgets that you should check out!

1. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K750


“If you’ve got light, you’ve got power” is the motto for this wonderful gadget. Start the solar revolution by replacing one of the most used devices in our tech lives – the keyboard. It has no batteries and even no wires, making your typing experience a fun thing to do. You don’t have to go outside to recharge your keyboard as it can easily recharge indoors as well. You have to invest 60$ to get it at Amazon.

2. Solar Wireless Mouse


I remember having read more than 3 years ago about a solar powered mouse concept, called the Sole Mio. It looked really appealing but since then, no further information has been made public, at least not something that I am aware of. So I started Googling here and there for solar powered mouses but I realized that there were little to no results, or, at least, there is not yet a big manufacturer to have released a solar powered mouse yet (correct me if I’m wrong). However, after 10 or more Google search results, I’ve found this baby on the Chinese retailer website DhGate. The price seems quite alright and it doesn’t look too bad neither.

3. Samsung Blue Earth – The Start of Solar Powered Smartphones

This was a real shocker for me: a solar powered phone. While I was pretty sure it shouldn’t be that hard to deploy the photovoltaic technology into a slick smartphone, the Blue Earth still took me by surprise. But reading forward I got disappointed – the solar panel can be used only for phone calls, meaning that the energy collected from the sun can be used only for that. Even more, the phone is eco-friendly , being made out of recyclable plastic containers.

4. Solar Charger for iPhone 4


There are many solar chargers out there for iPhone 4, but I will recommend this one because I saw it “in action”. I am not sure whether it will work for the fifth version of the iPhone, but it looks pretty neat and is very easy to handle with. It is said that 20 minutes of solar charging will give you 5 minutes of talk time or almost one hour of stand-by. If you want this piece, you’ll have to invest slightly over $50 to get this piece.

5. Eton Scorpion – Radio, LED Torch and USB Charger


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a LED torch that could shed light on dark places; a radio and even an USB charger all together combined into a single gizmo? And the best thing would be that this gadget is powered only by solar energy. If you’re an outdoor lover, just like me, then you’re going to love this baby. It has a rugged exterior so that when you drop it, you don’t have to worry about scratches or physical damages. The small USB charger could be your help, if your mobile phone is dying.

6. Solar Powered Video Camera


No way, you’d think. But the engineers from Hammacher Schlemmer made this possible – the solar powered camcorder. Now, hold your enthusiasm for some moments, as this doesn’t mean you can take it out and capture beautiful butterflies in HD quality. Not yet, at least. One hour of solar charging accounts for 12 extra minutes. Didn’t it happen to you that your battery dropped dead right when you almost captured something gorgeous? Now, you can get rid of that frustrating feeling with this solar powered camera. Would you be willing to invest 130$ in it?

7. Sound System for iPhone, iPod


For $200, you can get this lovely Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speakers and you have to admit – they do look great. It is rugged and water resistant. But, are you willing to invest that much for your iPod sound? What about your iPhone? Then you should get the Soulra XL model. It is $50 more expensive, but it can “host” your iPhone as well and is much bigger, providing a more powerful sound. Too bad they don’t have an iPad model yet!

8. Gorilla Solar Charger – Fuels Your Phone and Laptop

Why Gorilla? Because it’s big  and powerful! The Power Gorilla Laptop Charger can add from 2 to 5 additional battery hours for your laptop. I am really thinking about trying out this wonderful charger as I am already sick of office rooms. Wouldn’t be great to take your laptop with you and work from a park? You can also fuel your phone or other devices. The kit includes:

  • neoprene travel case
  • tip pack containing 8 male and 7 female laptop connectors
  • tip pack containing connectors Nokia phones, Samsung phones, older Sony Eriksson phones, and a mini USB for Motorola phones.
  • 12v car charger socket
  • universal AC laptop charger

9. Electric Scooter, Unfolds From Suitcase


Yes, it looks odd but this small vehicle mushroomed with solar panels can represent the start of a tech revolution. The Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle It is so small that it fits your suitcase. There is not a commercial version out there yet as the scooter is still in project phase. Rumor has it that the final version could even have a small tablet as GPS and even web browsing.

10. Samsung NC215S


The most recent news was that the solar powered netbook from Samsung will hit the shelves in August. The month is almost over and I can’t find official information about it. Has it been delayed once more? We don’t know too much about the netbook, only that it has a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N570 dual core processor and a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel anti-glare display. Your only concern with this laptop could be the clouds…Samsung could have rivals in the market, as DigiTimes reported another manufacturer started the production of solar netbooks.

11. iPad Bag and Solar Charger

13 solar powered gadgets that you must have - ipad solar bag

You love your iPad, don’t you? But what happens when it runs out of battery? It suddenly becomes a brick of electronic circuits and nothing more. The mini L Solarbag is now the solution to charge your slate from Apple while on the go. You don’t have to drain your battery to death to recharge it. Just after using the tablet, put in back into the bag and let it recharge there under the warm sun rays.

12. Solar Toys: Cars and Oters

I am not sure how many of you love cars, but I am 100% confident that your little kids, especially the boys, will go crazy about these cars. This model here has pretty impressive stats: max speed: 10 ft./second; climb up hill: 30 Degree; 8.3 inches long; X 3.1 inches wide. If you are more of a F1 lover, then I recommend this red Elenco car. Obviously, these aren’t the single solar powered car or toys out there. You can find even more at these resellers:

13. The Sun Table


Imagine a place in your garden where you could breath the fresh air, play on your tablet/smartphone/laptop and not have to worry about electricity at all! The Sun Table can do that! Its features are:

  • Built-in battery. With a full charge in only 4 hours of sun, we recommend charging during the day and using it in the afternoon and evenings.
  • Weather-resistant. Hose down to clean.
  • The Sun Table was designed from the ground up for sustainability, disassembly, and recycling.
  • Measurements:
  • H 18″ W 31″ L 54″
  • Materials: 
  • Stainless steel, teak, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic, and silicon solar cells.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.

I am sure there are many solar gadgets, devices, gizmo (call them however you want) out there that we didn’t cover. The solar craziness will gain even more devotees as it seems the right way to see technology, free of bills and plugs. The Sun has enough energy to feed our tech desires, we just have to harness it.

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