Ubuntu 11.10 vs Windows 7 – Who Wins?

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Operating System (OS) plays a very important role in a desktop or laptop or your mobile phone. It is system software that prepares the ground for playing different applications by effectively translating user commands to be processed on the hardware. It unleashes the hardware’s capability to perform multiple tasks enthusing users all the time. The system will be live as long as the OS is live. The proprietary software from Microsoft, Windows has made its way in the lives of millions of people across the globe. Windows is able to lead the OS market even though there is competition from Mac OS and UNIX based open source software, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu vs. Windows

We shall find the pros and cons of Ubuntu 11.04 vis-a-vis Windows 7.

  • Even though Ubuntu is evolving over a period of years as an open source OS, it was not much successful in desktop line with some exception in deployment in servers and embedded systems. As Ubuntu is free software, you are free to use and distribute. You can customize the OS to the maximum possible extent. The only cost involved in procuring Ubuntu OS is your download time from the site. On the other hand, Windows 7 is to be purchased and there is no chance for customization.
  • Comparatively, the boot time with Ubuntu is quicker than Window 7. Ubuntu is faster on both old and new hardware whereas Windows 7 is faster than Vista on old hardware.
  • While Ubuntu can detect some hardware peripherals automatically, for some you need to work with command line which will be a tedious process. Almost all device manufacturers will issue a drivers CD, so working with Windows 7 is easy and at the same, Windows 7 has not completely resolved driver issues.
  • Coming to multimedia, DVD playing capacity will not come with Ubuntu. It has to be installed separately. Windows 7 fares better with Media Center with its ability to organize pictures, audio and video files.
  • For software applications you need to download applications in the lines of iPhone to perform certain operations on Ubuntu. You can download these applications from Osalt. Ubuntu offers Open office for word processing and Gimp, photo editing software. These are open source software. Ubuntu handles mail through ‘Evolution’ client. It is difficult to install Skype or Google Earth by average users in Ubuntu. It has to improve in this aspect. With Windows 7 you need to purchase MS Office or you can install free software, Open Office or Gimp. Outlook works as email client in Windows 7. Windows 7 comes with windows live messenger and Internet Explorer 8.
  • Ubuntu comes with Ubuntu software center to add and remove applications. Ubuntu fares well with ‘Cloud Computing’. ‘Ubuntu One Service’ is the free cloud storage offered by Ubuntu. You can save files up to 2 GB on Ubuntu one service. The service is integrated with OS. More space can be availed by pay plans. It is possible to share files which are on cloud storage. User interface of Ubuntu has to improve a lot. It lags behind Mac and Windows. Even though it will be entertaining to use Ubuntu by checking the new stuff released frequently, it is not a stable OS for production purposes. On the other hand, Windows 7 fares well as production software.
  • While the learning curve is more with Ubuntu than Windows 7, it offers great security closer to 100% whereas there are so many security issues to be fixed on Windows 7.

Ubuntu 11.1 aka Oneiric Ocelot will be released on 13 October 2011 and would not include the classic GNOME desktop as a fall back to Unity, unlike Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Instead, 11.10 will include a 2D version of Unity as a fallback for computers that lack the hardware resources for the Compiz-based 3D version.

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  1. I write political satire as an avocation and am often targeted by hackers who disapprove of my articles. I have had 3 virus’s in ubunto, more than 100 in windows. I use windows XP on two computers, windows 7 on another and ubuntu 11.1 X 64 on a fourth. My windows computers are often down waiting killdisking and reloading but my ubunto computer just keeps cranking out the articles. Win XP computer gets thousands of unwanted cookies even though I have internet options set to not receive them, there is no way to stop them. Yesterday I had so many it took over an hour for them to delete and they were all 27,000 back on this morning. I find SuSE even more secure than Ubuntu, probably because there are fewer users, but I find RPM difficult and prefer Ubuntu. For a writer computers are tools, not a lifestyle

  2. ok. i dont know anything about this, only that ive always been using windows, yes sometimes it fails, but everything does that,
    now, without being all crappy about pulling your favorite down, just tell me, plaint out, should i use, windows 7 as i am now..
    or should i use ubntu,,, nad why,, not any clever words, just strait as it is..

  3. im not sure, should i use windows, or ubuntu, cuz all i see on this site is all of you being crappy, trying to use clever words about your own system, just say as it is, should i use windows? or ubuntu?

    1. You have to try it out for yourself to see the answer. The answer depends on your job description. You can install Ubuntu as you would install any standard windows application and then you can use Ubuntu after you reboot. In this case Ubuntu will use the same file system as your windows would use. They can work together just fine.
      I say: just try Ubuntu because trying will cost nothing.

  4. i’m sorry but these opinions are biased sided to windows, please redo this article with a blank-slated mindset.

  5. Just ran ubuntu on a bootable USB, and i must admit that ubuntu looks very interesting first of all, even if it runs on a USB it is faster that win 7, alot faster. maybe it’s something wrong with my win 7 installation but i get that circle indicating that the comp is work all the freaking time. the responstime is horrible. it take 2-5 second to open anything while on ubuntu it momentarily. Win 7 have all that software that is a plus but other than that I’ll probably stick to XP or ubuntu.