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The Android ecosystem is a great, evolutionary operating system for smartphones and, with the recent “demo” release of the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, it has become the fueling structure for Android tablets, as well. Without any doubts, the Android OS is the single worthy rival to iOS, since the launch of the latter. But, to whom much is given much is expected.

One of the biggest problems that all Android users have had is, not surprisingly, the lifespan of the batteries. We were expecting that along with the Android 4.0 release, we will see some major improvements, maybe an Improved Battery Management would have been the best way forward. But not, Google decided to mix smartphones and tablets together in a alien-like operating system but failed to address such an acute issue. What can we do? Try and fix the issue with your own solution.

Extended Batteries: The Perfect Solution For Quickly Draining Android Batteries

A great solution to improve your battery’s life would be to buy an extended battery for your Android phone. This usually applies to the die-hard gamers, multimedia lovers; those that play on their smartphones until they overheat them to death and, eventually the battery drains out quite quickly. An extended battery is the perfect solution, at the moment, for this category of smartphone users and for the more regular ones, that find their battery dead in the middle of town, right when they need to access some important data or schedule a meeting.

You should be aware that there is no universal extended battery for all smartphones that are powered by Android OS. Each model has its own extended battery or even more models. In this short tutorial we will try to help you where to find these extended batteries and what models should work for your smartphone. However, you should know that not all the smartphones have extended batteries, so, we hope you’re lucky enough.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Extended Batteries

extended battery


  • Much bigger lifespan than the basic, stock batteries. After all, this is their main role
  • Big diversity of models, we’ve shown how many models there are on Amazon, eBay and other places
  • Quite affordable price if you take into account the advantages offered
  • Back cover to “incorporate” it in the smartphone


  • Longer recharge time
  • Weight and thickness added to you device
  • You could ditch your previous cases
  • Your phone could not support (make a thorough search to avoid this)

It’s very, very important that you read the feedback offered on some websites. Or just Google it and scout for all the available info that there is before paying a hefty amount for it. Also, try and buy extended batteries that are near you, because, if you need a quick solution for your batteries and you’re ordering somewhere from China and you are in USA, you’ll have to wait for some time before they arrive.

Where To Buy Extended Batteries

1. Amazon

It was the first place that came into my mind because it’s the biggest online store, after all. I prefer it over to eBay, first of all, it’s much more professionally designed, secondly, I somehow trust Amazon more. You will find plenty of extended batteries on Amazon. In order to find an extended battery for your smartphone or phone, you can pick it from these brands or simply add your smartphone name and “extended battery”. Sometimes, there will be more than just one extended battery for a single model, so be sure to check the reviews before heading for the check-out.

2. eBay

Where else could you search for extended batteries than not on eBay? I ranked it the second because I like more how Amazon organizes its categories and how it delivers results. On ebay, you’ll find actually more results than on Amazon, 16,256 products delivered after the query. But I consider eBay to be more “spammy” than Amazon is, so try eBay only if you find a much cheaper price or if you can’t find your model on Amazon. The big minus with eBay is that the product doesn’t actually have an image to suggest how it appears whilst those on Amazon have images and I consider that to be an advantage when searching for products.

3. Mugen Power Batteries

This seems to be the best brand when it comes to extended batteries. It’s obviously a narrow niche, but more and more will start looking for extended batteries if, either Apple or Google doesn’t do something about it and come up with a viable solution. On Mugen Power website you will actually find a large collection of extended batteries for your Android phone. Don’t get disappointed by the “not-so-great” design, all that matters is for their products to work and the delivery to be flawless.

4. Other Places

You can try and find extended batteries here and there, on forums announcements and even Facebook wall posts. It’s not quite the most researched accessory albeit it is one of the most needed ones. That’s why you can search for extended batteries on, AliExpress and other websites cataloged as “wholesale”. But, be very, very careful with these websites, besides we know how many scammers are there in this online world. If you’re searching for a cheap price, that would be the perfect but in the same time, the most dangerous place to do it.

Popular Android Extended Batteries

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