The answer to that question is a simple: YES; you can very much afford an electric car. Although all you see on TV regarding electric cars is a price tag of minimum $40000, there are models out there for the everyday man. The common misconceptions about electric cars are that they are complicated, they are slow and they don’t pollute by exhaust, but the factory producing the electricity they work on pollutes, thus by building more electric cars, the more energy is needed for them, and so, more pollution, etc.

There are lots of reasons fabricated to undermine the electric car, but most of them are completely false. First of all, electric cars are just like normal petroleum based cars when it comes to prices: there are those exceeding $100,000 and those that cost $5,000. To address the other issue about electric cars, that they are complicated and need continuous maintenance, that is not true. Just think of a normal car, with its motor, gearbox and the other parts it consists of, there are thousands of moving parts, many of them moving parts that break down fairly easily. In comparison, an electric car has only 1 moving part, and that is its motor.

The Electric Car, Eco-Friendly and Very Cheap to Feed

The electric motor is the best motor ever invented. It has an efficiency of over 90% (compared to a regular car which has about 25-30%), it doesn’t make so much sound, it hardly ever brakes due to its build (a rotor turning in an electric field generated by the stator, thus no mechanical parts).

Also, new developments in materials give the electric cars extended autonomy, up to 300 miles. Pollution is 0 with an electric motor, it only consumes electricity. And for those who say that the power plants consume more fuel and pollute more and that the electric cars will catch on, you are not right! An electric car consumes very little electricity and the vast majority of electrical cars are recharged at night, when the power consumption of the electrical grid is at a minimum, the plants powering the grid are generating more power than what is needed, so if you want to worry about that, wait 5-10 years, when it could become a problem, but by the I think we’ll find a renewable energy source.

It’s true, the majority of electrical cars are not that fast, but their battery packs can provide more power to the engine and so, give it more speed and more range. The biggest problem for electrical cars now, is the power source (batteries). The old lead-acid batteries are overrated, they weigh a lot and do not produce that much energy. The solution comes from Lithium batteries (Li Ion), which have a slightly higher price tag, polymer batteries and nano batteries, but these are patented and expensive today. Maybe in the next few years, the technology will be available at low costs for everyone.

4 Affordable Electric Cars


do you think you can afford an electric car? - dynasty 1

This little car is a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) that can get you where you want to go in your neighborhood (where most of us use our cars and so, where the consumption of a gas engine is the highest), with prices varying from $14,000 to $25,000.

It may look like a little bug, but it will surely make you save money and will get you to the right place.

2. NEV

do you think you can afford an electric car? - gem 1

Produced by Global Electric Motorcar, this cute little thing could be lots of help around the house an much more, being able to carry lots of stuff in its truck-like trunk.

The GEM is available from $6,795 to $12,495, depending on the model you wish to get. It will be of great help to those in the countryside, you can be sure of that!


do you think you can afford an electric car? - miles 2

This is truly the best city car you can find, in my opinion, this is how any city car should look like. This car is available in 3 models each with more powerful motors and it has lots of cool features, such as front and rear defroster, windshield wipers, electric mirrors, and alloy wheels. An AM/FM/CD sound system is optional.

The price range is $14,900-$18,900.


ZENN stands for “Zero Emissions No Noise”, and that is true. This is an excellent example of what an electric car could be: it has all the benefits from a regular car, with none of the setbacks, and it costs somewhere around $14,700-$15,575.

Maybe one of the disadvantages that this car and other electric car models have is that they only have 2 doors, which makes it a car of personal use.

3 Luxurious Electric Cars You Wish You Could Have

If you are more into powerful cars, and you can afford it, you can get an electric car that is fast and looks better than the gas guzzlers you see in magazines, you could look for something like:

1. Tesla Model S

do you think you can afford an electric car? - tesla model s sedan 1

2. Chevrolet Volt

do you think you can afford an electric car? - chevrolet volt electric car

3. Fisker Karma

do you think you can afford an electric car? - fisker karma 3

All of these cars look the part and have the “muscle” to back it up, but with price tags between $50,000 and $150,000, not many people can afford these. Nevertheless, in 2012, electric cars are here to stay, and the technology to make them more powerful and cheaper is almost here. I think in 5 years we could be seeing electric cars all over the place.

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