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Gogobot – Bringing Travel Nostalgia to Digital Media


Gogobot is a social travel site launched in the year 2010. The website has made its way and so far the site’s journey is good. The website lists in the top websites picked by Time for the year 2011. The website had also achieved award for best design. It has also launched iOS application in October 2011.

Gogobot has also recorded a tremendous growth in the last six months. Even though there is stiff competition in the travel space, the new entrant is able to perform well. For your information, TripAdvisor is the giant in this space.

A travel recommendation that comes from your friend will definitely carry weight and Gogobot is successful in utilizing this functionality. At the moment, all the newly launched startup websites have vast resources of data at their disposal and this facilitates them to develop and deploy their own applications. Startup companies in travel space are able to offer innovative features and Gogobot has no exception in this matter. These companies are well aware of various social networking sites from which they can bring momentum. Gogobot has successfully integrated the site with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

As Gogobot has got large reserves of travel photos, they have come up with an innovative idea to convert photos into digital publications using Flipboard. It is easy to turn your ordinary photos into geo-tagged postcards. The first step is selection of current location in your iOS application. Then capture the photo, apply filters and thus they are converted into postcards with a geographical tag on it. Geo-tagged postcards can be created with the new mobile application launched by Gogobot. In this context, the integration of Flipboard with Gogobot makes the whole process simple.

The integration will help stream photos directly from the mobile application and can be transformed into travel magazine. Hence, the photos can be experienced by users in magazine format or pictures that can be viewed from iPad. It will encourage or inspire the viewers to plan a similar kind of trip by viewing these albums. With the launch of the new mobile application both Gogobot and viewers are benefited. Gogobot gets publicity and users can cherish their travel memories. Once photos are converted into post cards, they can be uploaded into social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Gogobot is successful in utilizing the technology, changing lifestyles and people’s advice to promote their business. You can plan your business trip or vacation trip and implement that plan quite confidently based on Gogobot’s advice. From the site, you can create a trip plan, check out destinations and get answer for your queries. In fact, you can add a review on the website on one of your best vacations. You can share your experience as well as get best recommendations to undertake a pleasure trip. From the website, you can pick a destination to explore photos, maps and get advice from known people or friends. Once you undertake a trip with the help of Gogobot, you will also be able to cherish those memories with the help of the newly launched mobile application.

Converting photos into digital publication will definitely boost Gogobot’s promotion of the site and their services. Let us know, what you think about Gogobot!