There’s a new trend emerging in the tech world today, everything must become smart or smarter, including even your home. We no longer possess simple mobile devices for connecting with people in our lives, or chatting with them. We own smartphones, devices capable of satisfying more than the need to communicate. The smart extension isn’t just applied to mobile phones , it has gone way beyond that. We have:

  • smart TV
  • smart board
  • smart kitchen
  • smart window
  • smart appliances

InPulse SmartWatch, The Next Smart Gadget

in pulse smartwatch

With so much electronic control over our lives, it is very easy to be afraid of a cyber war. And, if you are not yet convinced that everything is going digital these days, then maybe you should read about AT&T’s plan to give your tablet or smartphone full control of your house. Recently,  the smart watch have been added on the list. Matt Cutts has already proclaimed himself a fan of this nice gadget.

The newcomer is called inPlus Smartwatch and what’s special about it is that it will not only show you what time it is, but you can connect it via Bluetooth to several devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones. Therefore, you could be getting your emails, texts or incoming calls directly on your wrist. The Smartwatch is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows and Linux devices.

Read Emails and View Images on Your InPlus SmartWatch

The connection works in both directions, thus, the watch can send its own information packages towards the device host. The technology also comes packed with a number of very interesting watch apps that include a software that lets users change their watch faces and another one that allows for PowerPoint presentations remote control. The watch can be programmed thanks to the company’s own SDK simulator.

This gives users the chance to safely store their pictures, own fonts and imported apps. Everything is permited, even writing your own code. Basically, it doesn’t matter where you are, at a restaurant, at work or on vecation, the device allows you to connect with your electronics, even if they are phisically out of reach. For all the possibilities it offers, the watch has a surprisingly low price tag attached to it – it’s just $149. This is a very interesting investment indeed for everybody who is on the go, but still wants to stay connected to the most important updates and feeds out there. InPulse Smartwatch is a gadge that you shouldn’t miss!

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