If the overheating problems on the new iPad weren’t enough for you, here comes more good news in a box. That’s not the only thing going horribly wrong with the new device. Don’t get us wrong, we love innovation in technology and we believe that Apple is an incredible company, a true pioneer with a clear mission to reshape our modern lives. But if we wouldn’t complain, how could Apple improve their products, right?

light bleeding new ipad

Light Bleeding, Destroying Fun on Your New iPad?

You shouldn’t take these issues as problems that are being experienced by everybody in the Apple field. But, once a forum thread gathers a considerable amount of views, it’s legit to say that there is, indeed, an issue. That’s why, we reported about the battery drain issue in iOS 5.1 or the recent overheating in the new iPad. So that Apple’s engineers could hear us out and do something about it.

User “earthforge” makes it clear for us on the MacRumors forums. First off, we have the reddish patch that pops up on the top left corner and a lighter red patch located in the bottom of the screen that have been reported by many users that purchased the new iPad. Secondly, there’s the backlight bleeder, a problem that is not a stranger to Apple.  The issues also appeared on the iPad 2. The light-bleeding problems have been reported as early as March, just days after the device has been officially released and customers received their units. Déjà vu?

Reports regarding the next generation iPad date back to the 16th. User “bachip” is the first one to claim he has a problem on the iPadForums:

”I’ve got bleeding on mine, Verizon 32GB model. Will Apple replace with new one if I want?”

Some New iPad Users Can’t Get The Most of Retina Display

light bleeding in new ipad

The backlight bleed is bad news indeed, since it could become very obvious and annoying especially if users try to watch movies in letterbox format. Of course, people are now concerned about returning the new iPad, which is possible. Just go down to your local Apple store, if you are not happy with the product is turning out to be. But here’s what user “tmurray” has to say about this strategy.

“So I just got back apple gave me a replacement one I did the blacklight test and heres the pic tell me what you guys think? I think I still got one that has this I have come to the conclusion that all ipads have this issue and it’s not going to be perfect”.

Can he be right? Is this a dead-end problem from the start? People from France are also reporting issues with their new iPad on Reddit. If, in the case of overheating, we could blame the battery and the fact that, probably, there is too much for the new iPad; can we point to Retina Display as being a possible culprit? Another user, PortlandiaTrees, also complains about light bleeding in the new iPad (in picture from the beginning). We can only hope that these are minor glitches and that Apple will be quick to react.

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