People use their iPhone in numerous activities not just to call their friends and loved ones. They might check their emails, they might write a quick status update for Facebook or they might want to read the morning paper online, while drinking their coffee. Therefore a problem arises, the iPhone screen is quite small for reading and a way to magnify the content might come in handy for some. MagniCase does just that.


MagniCase Increases Your iPhone Screen Display by 1.5 Times

MagniCase is not your average protection against bumps and scrapes, instead it provides users with the tools for enhancing their iPhone’s display by up to 1.5 times tanks to the flip-out Fresnel lens technology it utilizes. MagniCase tackles the problem of straining your eyesight while you squint trying to read the tiny letters. This might be uncomfortable for people and might also give them headaches and in the long run, harm their eyesight.

The MagniCase was released thanks to effort of mechanical engineer Hieu Ngyen who came up with the idea of incorporating a very high quality Fresnel lens with 250 grooves per inch into a very stylish looking case. Nygen boasts that his invention provides a worthy equivalent of the new iPad’s Retina Display. He calls the modified device the iPhone 326 ppi Retina display and adds that the magnification is performed without an annoying decrease in the resolution.

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The lens of the magnified display is positioned about 4.3 inches from the iPhone front and is attached to an extension arm. The lens and arm can be turned into stands when using vertical and horizontal mode of viewing the content on your iPhone. At the moment, the inventor of MagniCase is looking to attract $25,000 of funding on Kickstarter, but so far has only managed to gather up $1,375. 43 days are left until the countdown will be initiated. If the target is achieved, MagniCase will have a shot of being released to the public.

It will come in shades of black, white, grey, pink, blue or clear and will cost interested parties $40. To get their Fresnel lenses replaced users will have to pay an additional $10. If you decide to contribute now, you will be getting your case for just $25. It seems that engineers are very interested in developing ingenious gadgets for smartphone; as the recent SkyLight system that tries to hook up your iPhone to a microscope, allowing you to take awesome stills and share them with your friends.

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