Tablets are great devices. They can even be considered the most prominent device of the last years. Of course, smartphones have really picked up, but the Tablet is something new (in the commercial meaning), something that combines the portability of the smartphone with the functionality of the laptop, all in one great device with more computing power, more battery power, and a bigger, nicer display. And when I say tablet, the first name that comes to your mind is Apple; the first image that pops into your mind is a slim, white device that we all know and love. The iPad.

Two years and a half after its official launch, the iPad, now at its third generation is still the number one tablet in the world. If it stays that way, I don’t know, but for now, it’s still the top dog. There are not many things we can find wrong with the iPad, but there is something that people have hated since the very beginning: and that is extra storage. Of course, Apple gives users 64 GB of memory and the possibility to store files in the iCloud, but for some, that’s not enough. And because it does not have the regular USB connector or SD card slot, it’s pretty hard to connect it to an external hard drive or SD card.

7 External Storage Devices for iPad

But some determined people tried to find a way around this problem, and in some cases, they did it. Now you can connect an external storage device to your iPad, but the technology is still developing, so it might take a while for it to reach the mainstream audience. Regardless, a quick search will reveal a host of devices that can bring extra storage to your iPad, from wireless USB drives to external HDDs. Although you have the Apple to USB converter, most external hard drives and portable hard drives do not work on the iPad, so be careful and test them before buying anything. They are costly, and you do not want to buy them blindly. So be careful.

Remember that this is not a Top; it’s more of a list of external storage solutions for the iPad. And it is not a top because these external hard drives do not have a host of features and they don’t do something extraordinary. Maybe with the next generation of external storage devices, we will start seeing more features.

1. Maxell AirStash


This little guy packs quite a punch, and for a USB drive, it does quite a lot. It can connect wirelessly to your iPad and provide external storage from 2 GB up to 128 GB (although quite expensive). The device is actually an SD card reader that has a wireless connection. All you have to do is stick in your SD card and connect it to your iPad. The best thing is that it charges when used as a regular USB memory stick. 2 devices all rolled into one little gadget.

2. Kingston Wi-Drive

kingston mobi sx

Kingston has made a name for itself in computer storage. And if you are a gamer or a techno-savvy geek, you will know what they are capable of. The Wi-Drive (which was codenamed Mobi SX) is a WEP-secured external storage device that can give your iPad up to 32 GB of additional space. The device can keep connected to your iPad for up to 4 hours, and it can stream movies and other media files very quickly and reliably.

3. Seagate GoFlex Satellite

seagate goflex satellite

A great external hard drive for iPad that can extend the storage of any wireless-enabled device via the GoFlex free app. The device can be accessed via Safari Browser, where you have to input the IP address of the external storage device to have access to the files on it. With 500 GB space, it can be a great addition to any wireless device, and because it has lightweight and has a small case, it can be carried to work or vacation easily.

4. HyperDrive 1 TB

hyperdrive 1 tb

HyperDrive 1 TB is without a doubt a great storage device. It features 1 TB of data storage available for you on your iPad as soon as you plug it in. The HyperDrive is plug-and-play for quicker access, and it can connect to the iPad via USB cable or via Camera Connect. Although the battery needs constant recharging (you can transfer up to 40 GB on a single charge), the idea behind it is great!

5. Hitachi G-CONNECT 500 GB

hitachi g-connect 500 gb

G-Connect is all about sharing. And to prove it, you can connect up to 4 iDevices at the same time to the Hitachi G-Connect and make use of its 500 GB storage space. The drive can support over 5 users, and due to its lightweight construction and small dimensions, it is very portable.

6. Buffalo Technology CloudStor Solo 1 TB

buffalo technology cloudstor solo 1 tb

Take sharing to an entirely new dimension. This device gives you the possibility to share over Broadband Internet and wireless to your social networks. Still, it can double as an external hard drive for your computer and also an external storage device for your iPad, giving you up to 2 TB of space to enjoy. It can stream to any wireless device with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

7. Kingston Wi-Drive 32 GB


The Wi-Drive is a great gadget that can double the storage of the iPad. It connects wirelessly to your iPad, and it creates a custom APN (Access Point Name) for later connections. The device can store almost any type of file and make it available for you on your iPad lightning fast.

That concludes our list of iPad external storage devices. I only hope that in the future, either Apple will find a solution to this problem or some new gadgets will make the iPad better by adding external storage options. Keep in mind to test any new device before buying it to be sure there are no compatibility issues, and it will work on your iPad.

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