The simple telephone is gone. That is a known fact. I remember my first phone was a Nokia 3410, back in the day when there were no color displays and phones were like bricks. I still love those phones, you could drop them from a 4 story building and they would work just as well. And the batey used to last over 7 days…Oh..what memories. But those days are gone now. The simple has become the ultra-smart, or in common language, smartphones. They have made their way into our lives and it’s safe to say that now, as with computers, we couldn’t function without them.

Managing Your Finances on Your Android Device

Smartphones can give us more mobility than we’ve ever had. Having our contacts, emails, photos, movies, Internet and many more in just one device has made our lives much more easier. And the use of smartphones does not stop there. Apps are what make them so good. Apps allow us to do everything we want on our smartphones, for entertainment, we have games and videos, we have a host of apps that allow us to keep in touch with our work and with our friends, have a healthy life by the use of Fitness Apps and, one of the most important, keep up finances.

There are a lot of financial apps out there, from currency converters to stock market apps, and, of course, Banking Apps. These allow us to keep track of our money and our bank accounts, make payments and transactions without needing to go to the bank or ATM. A great time saver, we all know the lines we have to face when we go to our bank and these Banking Apps are just what we need to never have to through that again.

Top 13 Official Android Banking Apps

For now, I’ll talk about Android Banking Apps, the best solutions if you have an Android powered device. There are quite enough apps on Google Play, from which to choose from, from simple money trackers to Banking apps that allow you make transactions directly from your Android device. Of course, because there are so many banks around the world, there isn’t one app that you can use for all your credit cards, but some banks do offer their official Android Banking app for you to use, but not all of them do. Here is a list of some official Android Banking apps provided by banks for those who have an account there:

1. American Express US

2. J.P. Morgan Mobile

3. Suncorp Bank

4. Bank Millennium

5. Eastern Bank

6. Bank of America

7. State Bank Freedom

8. UniCredit Mobile

9. PayPal

10. U.S. Bank


12. Commbank

13. USAA Mobile

If you have accounts at these banks (other banks might have apps for your Android device, so be sure to make a search on Google Play for them), then you can use these Android Banking Apps to:

  • manage your transactions
  • see your account balance
  • pay your bills and just about any other thing you could do at your bank short of making a withdrawal or a deposit.

Top 10 Android Finance Apps

But the financial aid of your smartphone extends beyond these apps. You can have at your disposal many other tools that can help you with your financial needs. Here is a list of some good Android Financial Apps you can use:

10. Google Finance

google finance

If you are a broker or if you like to keep an eye on your investments, then Google Finance is what you need. A great app for those who make their living from stock markets and investors alike.

9. MoneyManager

money manager

There is a saying where I’m from: “Potent essences are kept in small bottles”. Well, that is exactly how I would describe MoneyManager. A little Android financial app that keeps a great record of all your finances. It can give you detailed information in the form of graphs of all your monthly earning and spendings, also, you can backup your information or export it as a CSV file.

8. Expense Manager

expense manager

A simple to use Android Finance App that allows you to keep a detailed record of your money, from what you earn to what you spend and much more. The app allows you to take pictures of your receipts so you can have it at your disposal at any time and it can give you payment alerts when the time comes to pay your bills. Also, you can add monthly recurring expenses so you won’t have to add them every month.

7. Droid Wallet

droid wallet

Organize, manage and view your finances every day via this great Android Finance App that gives you detailed information about monthly expenses and earnings, all in a easy to read graphic. You can feel much safer seeing your money balance on your Android smartphone at any time.

6. My Budget Book

my budget book

This $2 app can save you hundreds over time. My Budget Book can keep a detailed record of all your money and you can access it any time. Keep track of what you earn and what you spend via a simple interface and quick to use app.

5. EasyMoney 1.0

easy money

Easy Money can become your trusted accountant and it will help you keep track of just about anything related to your finances. Input all your bills, and it will tell you how much you have to pay, when to pay and render you a simple to follow graphic of your money. Also, you have the option of taking a picture of the bills and receipts for later use.

4. PageOnce – Money & Bills


A complete Android Financial App that lets you input your bills and accounts and keep track of your payments. Also, PageOnce offers you the possibility to pay bills directly from your Android smartphone from anywhere you are. You can also see your balances and get notifications about your bills.

3. mooLa! (Checkbook & Finance)


One of the top names when it comes to Android Financial Apps. mooLa keeps a pristine record of all your…well, moola (joke!). See where your money is going and how much you have at any time. mooLa keeps a very good record of your spendings and it offers you the possibility to input how many accounts you want. Knowing where your money goes is the first step in saving money!

2. Loot + Loot Premium


Now that Loot Premium is free, you can enjoy your favorite Android Financial App with more style. Of course, Loot might not have all of the fancy features that the other Android Financial Apps have, but what it does have is simplicity. You create a profile, you input a sum of money that represents you balance and whenever you make a deposit, withdrawal or purchase, punch in the numbers and see where you are with your balance. As with everything, simple is better, and Loot is the “living” example.

1. Personal Finance


Gather all your accounts into one place and keep track of all your money and your spendings. The app allows you to input all your accounts and see them at any time. All the financial information you need in one place. A great app to use if you are interested in your finances.

And there you go, all the tools you need to check your bank accounts and keep track of all your transactions. Transform your smartphone into your accountant and keep track of your money yourself using these great Android Financial Apps.

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