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MightyText: Send and Receive Android SMS From PC


MightyText, a very helpful application was launched this week on Google Play and will surely interest those who have made a habit of writing text messages and reading notifications on time. In a few words, the software can be installed on any Android phone and once it’s linked to a computer, it will allow the user to do various phone-specific actions on the targeted device, like sending a SMS and displaying notifications.

The software was developed by Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani, two ex-seniors at Google, who took advantage of the time spent there to gain knowledge and design an easy-to-use and helpful service, just like the one Apple has already: iMessage.

MightyText: iMessage for Android

MightyText works with any Android 2.2+ smartphones and requires one of these modern browsers on the host computer: Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. Once installed, the app will use the current Android phone number to send text messages from the desktop panel, receive instant notifications when a SMS message arrives or even see who is dialing your number. All of these processes are accomplished with a web app or a browser extension, used to link the two devices.

The app does not insert any additional messages or lines when performing its task, so from the receiver point of view, there will be no difference if you actually use the phone or a crafty mobile program. Although the service is somewhat similar to Google’s Voice system, the main advantage of MightyText is its simplicity and ease of use, as well as the ability of taking control of your own phone number, without having to create a new one.

Another noteworthy feature is the logging of all missed calls and the creation of a call history, which is also available for SMSs/MMs. This history will be synced automatically with the SIM, so if you disconnect the Android phone from its host, both devices will preserve the same contents.

The application uses Google to perform all tricks so naturally, it requires an account to log in. To install the software, download MightyText from Google Play using the Android phone and then open this link from the second device.

MightyText Features

  • Send and receive messages from a tablet / computer
  • Synchronization of the data received with the one found in the original SIM
  • Easy installation ( Instant notifications
  • Automated SMS, MMS and contact backups
  • Logs of missed calls and SMS alerts
  • Free of charge