We all saw the great features Samsung brought to the world with the Galaxy S III. An impressive smartphone, by all accounts that revolutionized how we look at these gadgets. And one of these features is the “Smart Stay” one. What it basically does is it keeps your screen awake while you look at your smartphone, using the front facing camera. This might not seem like something so impressive, but think of all the times you were browsing the Internet or reading a book and the app you used did not have the option to keep your screen awake.

How does Smart Stay Ex help you?

The screen would shut off every few minutes ruining your experience. On the other hand, if you had an app with that feature and you paused from reading for awhile, the screen would keep active all the time. This would have an enormous impact on your battery life. What the Smart Stay feature allows you to do, is to better conserve your battery by keeping active the screen only when you need it and also enhancing your reading and browsing experience.

Now, that you know what this feature is, I bet you want it too. Although this feature is for the Galaxy S III, our friends over at XDA Developers have worked tirelessly to bring to more phones this feature and enjoy it on our non-SGS III smartphones. It comes in the form of an app, called Smart Stay Ex and it basically does the same thing as the feature installed on the SGS III.

smart stay ex

How the app works?

The app is designed to “see” if you are looking at the screen, via the front facing camera, and keep it awake. It can look at intervals of 15 seconds and it features an option for low light conditions. The app works on most smartphones that feature a front facing camera. A more detailed list is available here, and with future updates it will get better and better and work on even more devices.

It also features Idle Time option for intelligently monitoring when the device is idle, so that it can turn off the screen and not consume your battery and many customization options that allow you to better interact with the app, or set exceptions that Smart Stay Ex won’t affect. For those who are interested in downloading this app, try the Lite version before you and buy the actual app, to see if it works properly for your phone.

[via] XDA-Developers

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