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Saga: iOS App With Siri and Foursquare Features that Writes Your Life


Have you ever thought of your life as a moving timeframe? Where emotions and actions leave traces that could be read and reviewed in the future? Where everything you do leads to the next thing that needs to be done? Well, there’s an app for that. Introducing Saga, the mobile application for iOS, which silently records each important step of your life and tries to suggest the next move. Saga can be considered a trusty companion, which tries very hard to get to know you and once it does, it offers advices and suggestions on how to make life more…alive.

How does Saga work?

Developed by A.R.O, a startup based in Seattle, Saga can be seen as Siri’s little brother, one that’s more involved in your life and does not rely only on local search. This application quietly records information related mostly to locations, but is also based on past actions performed in some places and reactions to what the app is actually recommending.

In plain English, Saga can be compared to Foursquare, but without having to sign up in every location and sharing the deed. Saga works discreetly and automatically identifies the places you pass through and tracks any detail that might help in the future, such as the time spent in a location, with whom you were in there, etc. When the user brings the app in the foreground, Saga tries to give him suggestions on what can be done around that location, while showing relevant statistics like time spent in that location and other sort of details.


Saga’s potential lays solely on recommendations, because the app will not suggest only plain things like a nice restaurant you usually go to in your neighborhood at a specific hour, but more than that. Saga can warn you that you haven’t taken your dog to the park in the past month, that the traffic on your commute route is tight and if link it with your friends, recommend occasions when you could go out together based on bookmarked venues.

How about security?

Saga is not another Big Brother application. Although it uses location-related information and has a very accurate engine, it does not calculate the coordinates solely basing on GPS, like most apps.. Instead, it uses a home-built algorithms that takes in account usual routes, habits, preferences, accelerometer reads and other technical means, or which are stored safely on your smartphone, and yours only.

The data is not shared with anyone else and it’s only used to predict your moves, without leaking information to any other service, at all. Think of it as a private conversation between the phone and the server, to receive advices just like your mother used to share them in your childhood: for your ears, and your ears only.

You might see that the application has only a rating of 2 stars, but that could be because currently, you need an invite to use the application at its full potential. We found a code that worked for us and we’re suggesting it to you, as well: INTELLIGENTCOMPANION. That’s for a limited time only, so be quick to use it.

Saga iOS App [Free]