It’s an undisputed fact that the iPhone’s camera can capture great images, even better that other smartphones that have a much higher price and a bigger number of megapixels. And it would be a shame not to profit from the benefits that this camera gives its users. As you might know, a while back we featured an article on the best apps to scan docs for Android smartphones, now let’s look at some awesome iPhone scanning applications.

iPhone Scanning Apps

9. OfficeDrop

iphone scanning apps

For a simple iPhone scanning app, OfficeDrop works great. Although it does not have cloud upload to the usual services, you can upload them to the OfficeDrop server from where you can share it or download them to your computer. The scans have great quality and because you can convert them to pdf format, you can easily manage them.

8. Image To Text – OCR

iphone scanning apps

Image to text – OCR gives you the power to convert written documents into electronic ASCII text, easily editable and shared over email. The OCR engine works great and it converts text from different languages with great ease and with precision. Now you don’t have to copy texts by hand, just take a picture of the text with your iPhone and let this great iPhone scanning app to do the rest!

7. Page Scanner Lite

iphone scanning apps

If you have to scan multiple pages, like books or courses, then this iPhone scanning app is perfect for you. It allows you to quickly scan multiple pages and batch edit them and group them into a psf file. Also, it features a countdown timer for scanning multiple pages and a OCR engine so that you can create editable documents with ease.

6. Scan Pages

iphone scanning apps

Probably the simplest tool in this top, Scan Pages is a great iPhone scanning app that makes quality scans using your iPhone’s camera. The app comes with cloud backup and a great image processor, so your docs have the best quality and can be effortlessly uploaded to a secure cloud account. Give it a try and see for yourself just how easy is to scan entire documents using your iPhone.

5. Genius Scan+ – PDF Scanner

iphone scanning apps

Scanning color images and text has never been easier! Using Genius Scan+, one of the best iPhone scanning apps, you can scan entire pages in a matter of seconds. It automatically detects the margins of the page and it processes it with complex algorithms to give you the best possible result. Also, you can convert your scans to pdf and very easily share them via email, iBooks, Twitter or any cloud service (if you want to see a few cloud storage solutions, you might enjoy our Dropbox Alternatives).

4. Doc Scan HD Pro – PDF Document Scanner

iphone scanning apps

Have you ever needed to scan a document and there was no scanner or multifunction printer nearby? Well, now you will never have to worry that this will ever happen again. With the help of this awesome iPhone scanning app you will use your iPhone as a scanner. Also, you can convert your scans to pdf or upload them to your cloud account or Facebook page. A great app for every iPhone user, packed full of great features and very easy to use.

3. JotNot Scanner

iphone scanning apps

OCR, or Optical character recognition is a feature that transforms your scanned documents into editable text. A great feature that some developers are starting to include in their apps. JotNot Scanner takes full advantage of this great feature and lets you upload your document scans to Google Docs and then transform them into editable documents. JotNot Scanner is one of the best iPhone scanning apps and I hope more developers step up and include the OCR engine in their apps.

2. Scanner Pro by Readdle

iphone scanning apps

If you are looking for a great iPhone scanning app, then your search is over. Scanner Pro by Readdle is one of the best iPhone scanning apps, giving you the possibility to make quick scans of just about anything written. From business cards to receipts and anything in between, this app will scan it. Also, the image processing is great, rendering you awesome images that can be grouped to pdf files and easily uploaded to a cloud account (better find out how secure is your cloud account before uploading something to it).

1. CamScanner Free

iphone scanning apps

For both Android and iOS, CamScanner proves to be the best app for scanning docs. The image quality, ease of use and great results make it a definite winner. This iPhone scanning app can help you quickly scan batch files and group them into one pdf file that you can later use on any device or share. Also, the auto-cropping feature automatically determines the margins of the document and scans only the text, afterwards, the color enhancer takes over and makes your scanned document look like an original electronic document.

Now you can use your iPhone as a portable scanner. As a student you will love this tool because it will let you transform entire courses into pdf files. The hustle with hundreds of pictures of plain text is over! Also, if you are familiar with other iPhone apps to scan docs that were not featured in this top, please let us know using the comment section and we will be sure to add them to the list.

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