6 Sleep Headphones that Help You Get a Good Rest

by: - Last updated on: December 16th, 2016

Sleeping with headphones is not the most comfortable thing to do, nor the safest. And I’m not even thinking about regular headphones, which have one large exterior piece for each ear, but of those tiny earbuds that fit inside the ear. I’ve sometimes done it, and not for the pleasure of listening tranquil music, but to cover the noise so I could get some sleep near a busy boulevard.

Of course, reasons why should someone use headphones while sleeping, vary. It can be anything from choosing to block random noise or even calming yourself with a slow tune. Fortunately, someone invented a special category called sleep headphones, which can be used safely and comfortably, and today we’re about to show you a nice collection from which you can choose.

Halo Headphones

Original Halo Headphones

Although they are named after the popular gaming series, the Halo Headphones have nothing to do with the game. They are one-sized speakers painted in dark grey which come without the hard and bulky plastic casing of any traditional headphone. They are easy to wear, do not get into the path of sleep and they do not fall out easily like most ear-bud earphones. The user can fall asleep on its back and on its side, without Halo intervening.

Their lightweight design is paired with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack which is compatible with most products. The product is available worldwide but seems to prefer Australians, and can be purchased for $54.90 and a $10 shipping fee.


Sleep Phones Available in black, gray and lavender, the SleepPhones are an easy solution for relieving stress at night and comfortably listening to music. Developed by a family physician, these innovative headphones are primarily designed to help those with sleeping issues by getting some rest naturally, without pills. They have a collection of products, with prices ranging from $19.95 to $109.95, and the product can also be purchased from Amazon.

Tooks Hats

Tooks is a company that customizes hats and headbands by placing headphones inside. They can be used for sleeping, jogging, pretty much any other sport activity or just listening to music in a comfortable way. They have a large collection of different style hats, such as beanies, sportbands, as well as several accessories to go along with them:

  • Headphones
  • Cable adapters from 2.5mm to 3.5mm
  • Arm bands

Prices vary from model to model but for $20-$30, you can find something nice.

SoftSpeaker Pillow

Soft Headphones

In a few words, the SoftSpeakers are a combination of small-sized speakers and a pillow-made covers. The unit is designed to sit on top of the pillow and close to the ear. The earphone needs a small volume to function properly and designers assure that only one person can hear it.

The earphone is connected using a highly flexible cord, which withstands most bending techniques (besides Air-bending, anyone knows that’s the most powerful) and the speaker incorporated has a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 Hz. The product costs around $18 and has a two months return policy.


BedPhones BedPhones are the in-ear variant of sleep headphones, which conveniently fit inside the year and have been described as the “thinnest headphones in the world”.

I won’t vouch about that, but they are quite thin and small as well. Their sleek design allow the user to fall asleep in every position, while the moldable memory wire ear hook will make sure that the wire won’t get in your way. The headphones cost $29.95 each, so a pair will set you back for $59.90.

Runner’s Earphones

Although primarily designed for sports, these headbands can be worn for sleep without any efforts. They look like a normal head band but on the inside you will find two wafer-thin and lightweight speakers which fit perfectly over the ears. The cord is 1.5 meters long and has a 3.5mm standard jack, which is compatible with iPhones and other devices.

The material used is made out of recycled polyester, allowing the skin to breath, and the headband wicks away moisture keeping the piece dry. The speakers can be removed easily when washing and they get a lifetime guarantee. All of this for the price of $39.95.

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