Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is something that everyone looks towards. Organic products and healthy foods are quickly rising, and people are more and more interested in what they are buying. But still, a massive amount of people are suffering from weight-related illnesses. This is because fast food restaurants and unhealthy foods are still all around us.

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

For you to have a healthier body and live longer, you need to watch your weight very closely and think about what you eat. For helping you have a healthier life, we previously featured the best Android fitness apps and also a list of great iOS fitness apps, but those are just the beginning.

Update: Here’s our updated list of BEST SMART SCALES to buy in 2022

Top digital body scales for the tech savvy

Now, we give you some cool digital body scales, specially picked out for those more tech savvy among us. These devices differentiate themselves from the other body scales out there because they offer us more information and some cool extra features that allow us to carefully monitor our weight and other aspects of our body.

7. Conair Ww204b Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

Weight Watchers has given us lots of top quality products in the past, and this digital body scale is no exception. It has a wonderful design, a clear and generous LCD display and it can give you very accurate readings of your weight or bone mass. A perfect tool for those who want a quality digital body scale with a gorgeous design. Also, “Instant On” and automatic on/off features are most welcome, making this body scale a great tool for the geek in you!

6. Portable Digital Body Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

One of the more simple tools here, the Portable Digital Body Scale has no outstanding features, but its lightweight and ultra slim design make it great for people that are on the move often. It gives you very accurate readings of your weight via its awesome LCD display, and because of its low profile, you can carry it anywhere with you, so you will not have to worry about your weight when you go on vacation. Also, you can very quickly swap it out and weigh your bags if you are a frequent flyer.

5. Conair WW52 Weight Watchers Glass Body Fat Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

Weight Watchers is provides its users with top notch digital body scales. The build quality of this digital body scale is what we would expect from such a well respected manufacturer and it comes with some great features. It can measure weight, body water and bone mass with great accuracy. Also, the tempered glass design and materials are awesome, which make this digital body scale integrate perfect in any home. It can store up to 5 profiles, so the entire family can get quality information, customized for each member.

4. Ozeri Touch 440 lb Digital Bath Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

Ozeri is a name that many are familiar with due to its great array of household appliances and innovative technology. This digital body scale is no exception to that rule, having 4 high precision G sensors that give you ultra-accurate weight readings (using 0.1 Kg increments) and 4 touch sensitive illuminated buttons for easy use and setup. The scale has a wonderful design and it has a top of the line build quality, the type that Ozeri has accustomed us with in all their products. This slick digital body scale can measure weight, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration or body fat. All the information you need to find the diet that works best for your body!

3. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

A digital body scale with an awesome design, the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale is a great tool to have around the house. It will give you very accurate information on your weight, bone mass, water percentage and body fat so you can see exactly what your body needs and find the best diet for you. Also, the EatSmart Precision digital body scale lets you record up to 8 profiles, so you can use it for the entire family and not get the data mixed up. Because of its great design and low price, this digital body scale is a perfect addition to your smart house. The best example that technology is not overlooking other household appliances. Give it a try and see how great this digital body scale is!

2. Withings Body Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

Gathering information about your weight has never been simpler. With the help of the Withings digital body scale, your weight data can be uploaded wirelessly via Wi-Fi to your account (a very good idea if you like a clean house with no wires), where you can closely monitor it and get detailed graphs. Graphs are very important because they show a dynamic shift in your weight and so, you can have a better idea of how good your diet is going.

The Withings Body Scale can measure body fat and the water content of your body, so you can have more information if you decide to see a specialist, or for your own self knowledge. This information can be sent to medical apps, available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can figure out the best way to lose weight.

1. Fitbit Aria WiFi Body Scale

top digital body scales for the tech savvy

One of the best digital body scales on the market, the Fitbit Aria offers users the possibility to dynamically monitor their weight, and of other family members with custom profiles and upload the statistics to the Fitbit server where you can see graphs on your weight that tell you the entire story of your weight loss and gain. The data is sent via Wi-Fi, and you can monitor the data via the iPhone app (if your W-iFi router does not cover your bathroom, you might want to look for a good Wi-Fi Enhancer).

Also, this scale can measure more than your body weight, with its system that sends tiny electrical impulses through your body, it can measure body fat and give you a detailed estimate of your BMI (body mass index). The design of this digital body scale makes it easy to integrate in any house design. Also, the display has a great look, having a old school LED feel. A great body scale for anyone interested in their weight.

With these tools at your disposal, you can now keep a watchful eye on your weight and see those calories burn faster and faster. If you are an active person, then some great GPS Games that let you have fun while you are on your daily run would be a great idea. These apps are available for both Android devices and iOS devices, so they can be used by anyone who owns a smartphone. After your run, you can punch in the numbers in your prefered fitness app and get on your geeky digital body scale to see those pounds fly off.

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