Since I heard about Microsoft’s Surface tablet, I started to save money and imagine that I’ll finally buy a much needed tablet and that it would have Windows 8 inside. Now that I see so many models being announced, I am not quite sure what device is the right one. Making a list with all the Windows 8 tablets is a good solution to help you decide and to keep track of what is there new on the tablet market.

What’s interesting about the IFA convention is that we’re seeing more hybrid models than ever, proof that you are much more productive with a keyboard attached to your tablet. We’re not sure if you’ll go for a pen or stylus, as well, but the fact that so many big names decided to launch hybrid models with Windows 8 is obviously based on careful analysis on customer’s demand. If you want to get a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, then you should keep an eye on our similar list.

List with released Windows 8 tablets and hybrids

Samsung – Series 5, 7 hybrids

growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - samsung series 7 tabletSamsung was the most active presence at the IFA convention as it released quite a bunch of devices, the ATIV S smartphone, the Android Galaxy camera, the Series 5 and 7 hybrids and the ATIV Smart PC and PC Pro. It seems that they are very well prepared for the official launch of Windows 8 and have prepared all sorts of models for all kinds of customers. From the start, you should know that the pricing for the Series 5, 7 hybrids is not something with which we’re used to – $1,119 for the Series 7 and $649 for the Series 5 one.

The Series 7 hybrid will offer you a slightly bigger size than what we’re used to, as it has 11.6 inch (we spotted a 12-inch one at MWC this year). That price is big for a good reason, the Series 7 tablet with Windows 8 comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, is equipped with a Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. I can only imagine how fast this babe will perform. Both models will be available on October 26.

The series 5 model has the same size but it has a lower resolution, at 1366 x 768 pixels, has 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. Both models come with an S Pen, if you think it can be useful for you. If you’ll need a keyboard dock attached to them, then you should know it comes at a $100 price. I dare say that these hybrids have pretty impressive specifications, but the price is just not for everybody.

Samsung – ATIV Tab

The ATIV tab from Samsung seems to be their effort to continue the Tab line, but we still are not sure why the name and what does it growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - samsung ativ tabmean? Weighing 760 g, the ATIV Tab has a HD display of 10.1 inch (the most beloved tablet size in our recent poll) and a resolution of 1366 x 768. The processor is manufactured by Snapdragon and runs at 1.5 Ghz. Like a small bonus, Samsung assured those present at IFA that it runs on Windows RT and can also include Microsoft’s Office 2013 Home and Student Edition.

It also has 2GB of RAM and it has 32 GB or 64 GB of available internal memory and a MicroSD that mounts up to 64 GB, so if you’re going to buy the top version, you’ll have 128 GB at your disposal. It also has GPS, Bluetooth and NFC. There are yet no details on the pricing and availability of it.

ASUS – Vivo Tab, Vivo Tab RT hybrids

Previously known as ASUS Tablet 810 and ASUS Tablet 600, the 2 tablets have went through a rebranding and got a new name.Vivo Tab has an 11.6-inch IPS display, a1,366 x 768 resolution. It is powered by an Intel Atom CPU, has 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Itgrowing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - asus vivo tab is 0.33 inches thick, weighs 1.5 pounds (675 g). Photo lovers will be happy to find out there’s a 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash.

There’s yet no word on the pricing or availability for these two, but late October should be the best guess. These are actually hybrids as they come with a dockable keyboard, the same thing was done with the Transformer line. The Vivo Tab RT version is slightly smaller and runs a Tegra 3 processor with a 12-core GPU. It maintains the same RAM, but the internal storage gets slashed to 32 GB. The Vivo Tab RT isn’t very different from its sister, so maybe there won’t be a huge difference in their prices.

Sony – VAIO Duo 11 Hybrid

If this is Sony VAIO, then you should be prepared for a higher price than usual. But what we see in the form of VAIO Duo 11 is truly growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - sony vaio duo 11impressive. Somehow reminding us of Microsoft Surface,  it has a full backlit keyboard tucked away on the “Surf Slider”, showing us an unique concept. Interestingly, it comes with the same size that seems to be getting so much love recently – 11.6-inch at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It has 4GB or 8GB of RAM – which is really impressive – and a 128GB or 256GB SSD. We know that it is going to be available at the end of October, but if Samsung’s Series 7 will be retailed at more than $1,100, expect this baby to cost even more. The VAIO Duo 11 is a Windows 8 Pro device and it can have i7, i5 or i3. From what we’ve seen so far, this is by far, the most astonishing.

Dell hybrids – XPS Duo 12, XPS 10

You thought Dell was dead? Apparently, they were waiting for Windows 8 to come and bring them again under the spotlight. What’s funny about these two hybrids is that you can find the “Duo” moniker, just like with Sony’s device. Let’s hope it won’t create confusion for customers. Again, no details on pricing but we’re almost sure that it will be available starting with late October.growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - dell xps 12 tablet

The XPS Duo 12 is an interesting product as it is a hybrid between a tablet and a ultrabook and it is convertible in the true meaning, as you can see in the image. It has a 12.5 inch Full HD display, Corning Gorilla Glass and Intel processors up to i7. This babe is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which means it is quite light and resistant in the same time.

The smaller brother (lots of brothers and sisters at this event), Dell XPS 10 doesn’t have that mobile hinge, but it comes with what already seems to be the standard – the keyboard dock. What’s good about this keyboard is that the battery it carries can keep the tablet running for almost 20 hours. Sadly, right now, we only know it has 10 inch and is a Windows RT device.

Lenovo – ThinkPad Tablet 2, ThinkPad Edge Twist, IdeaTab Lynx

I think Lenovo’s products are currently one of the best on the market, and proof to that is the design that has barely changed growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - lenovo think pad 2 tabletthroughout the years. When I first saw the picture of the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 I simply couldn’t believe that the keyboard kept the same red small rubber-mouse Track Point! Now when you have to rely only on the touch screen, this small button might prove to be quite useful.

Thinkpad Tablet 2 is a Windows Pro device and it will run both Windows and Android. It has a 10.1 inch display and you’ll be happy to know that it also comes with a stylus, albeit there’s a chance you’ll have to pay extra for it. It doesn’t seem to be too heavy as it weighs only 600g and is 9.8 mm thick. It is said to have also a battery life span of 10 hours. We don’t know yet the price but it will be available after the official launch of Windows 8.

On the connectivity side, the Thinkpad Tablet comes with USB 2.0, MicroSD, mini-HDMI, and it even has NFC. The presence of NFC in so many tablets seems to indicate there’s future for this technology. There is also an optional Bluetooth keyboard. The tablet is expected to have 1 or 2 GB of RAM, 16GB/32GB on board storage. If you think you can take pictures with a tablet, the 8 megapixel rear and front 2 megapixel cameras will be helpful to you.

ThinkPad Twist

This just in – Lenovo overtake HP in Q3 2012 to become world’s largest PC maker. And they are not joking on the portable market, either. Lenovo brings on the market an impressive line-up of Windows 8 tablets and hybrids and ultrabooks. ThinkPad Twist  is a growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - lenovo thinkpad twistconvertible tablet wich starts at $849. Somebody might even call it an ultrabook, but most will refer to it as a Windows 8 convertible tablet. ThinkPad Twist comes with 12.5-inch and a 1366 x 768 IPS display, has 0.79 and weighs 3.48 pounds. It’s not very light and not very thin, so let’s say this is a true hybrid.

A version of it will have the Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, but I suspect it will cost more than $1000. There’s also an optional 3G, and the standard ports – USB 3.0, Ethernet, SD card slot, mini DisplayPort, and mini-HDMI ports. The starting, $849 version will have an i5 processor and probably 4GB of RAM. The HDD storage is expect to vary from 320 GB to 500 GB and the battery to last for 7 hours of combined use. You’re definitely paying more for this slate because of its bigger display than the majority.

IdeaTab Lynx

Another hybrid. If ThinkPad Twist was somewhere between a convertible ultrabook and a hybrid, this one is definitely the latter. It’s growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - lenovo idea tabnot fair to compare it with the ThinkPad Twist, because it has obviously weaker specs. If the Twist can run up to the latest and greatest (at the moment) i7, Lynx will only support up to Intel Atom Dual Core at 1.8GHz. It has a a 11.6 inch screen at 1366 x 768 and comes with a much better battery life – up to 16 hours with the dock. IdeaTab Lynx will be available from December starting at $600, and the dock will cost you $150 more.

It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of solid state storage. The tablet itself weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 9.45mm, the dock adds 1.45 more pounds. Other features include micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports, Bluetooth, a microSD slot for external storage, 2 MP webcam up front for video chatting; and the dock comes with a two full-sized USB 2.0 ports. It has Wi-Fi and no signs of 3G, apparently, which is a bad thing.

HP – Envy X2

If you’re a HP fan, then you’ll find this hybrid according to your desires. With a very appealing white design (somehow ressembling with Apple’s idea of what design should be), the HP Envy X2 is a veritable hybrid. It’s neither a 10.1 inch tablet or a 11.6 inch one but a growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - hp envy x 211 inch slate. It is only 8.5 mm thick and has a weight of 1.5 pounds, but the dock adds some extra weight, as it weighs 1.6 pounds. It has a quite ahtletic look, especially thanks to it aluminum build.

This tablet also has NFC, pen support and for music lovers – the Beats Audio technology. We don’t have yet any details on pricing and availability, but do stay tuned as we will inform you if we’ll get more details. A 8-MP back camera and a microSD slot + a 64 GB SSD makes sure you could get enough storage. It has an Atom-based Clover Trail processor that should be able to make this machine work like charm.

Toshiba – U925 T

For the sake of consumers, let’s hope that Toshiba will not keep these growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - toshiba satellite 925names…Imagine having one of these and somebody asking you – “what kind of tablet is that?” Definitely, this is not a good name. But let’s see if they have what to offer.

The U920t is a hybrid between an ultrabook and a tablet and the most obvious sign to that is the 12.5-inch size, which should satisfy those that truly want to transform their tablet into a work place. It comes with an impressive 256GB SSD, two USB ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader. We don’t know yet its pricing but rumor has it could be somewhere around $1,200. Now we realize that Microsoft did a really good job with their premature Surface presentation, as it has forced almost everybody to create competitors.

Toshiba U920t has Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel Sensor Solution; as a product of collaboration with Intel and other interesting features such as 3D acceleration sensor, magnetometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor; made especially for those that seek an awesome gaming experience. The kernel is also powered by Intel, having i3 or i5 processor with a 4 GB RAM.

Acer – Iconia W510, W700

Because they want a place under the Sun and amongst the biggest players in technology, Acer couldn’t let slip away such a huge opportunity – releasing Windows 8 tablets. That’s exactly the reason why they released the Iconia W510 and Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet. Just as we previously assumed, Acer kept its promise and released Windows 8 tablets for its growing base of users.

Acer Iconia W700 comes with Intel Core i3 , i5 Ivy Bridge, a lavish 11.6-inch screen with Full HD LCD that has a 1,920 x 1,080 growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - iconia acer tabpixels resolution. It might seem a little thick at 11.9 mm when compared to other tablets that we know to have as little as 8.5 mm. No pricing has been yet revealed and the availability seems to be the same – after the launch of Windows 8.

The tablet comes with an SSD of 32 GB/64GB, has two cameras: 1.3 MP in the front and a 5 MP in the back. On the connectivity sector, it comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, micro-HDMI. The battery is said to resist up to 8 hours on a single charge. The W510 model from Acer seems to have more appealing design features. It comes with a smaller size of 10.1 inches but it is also thinner, having only 8.8 mm.

On the processing power chapter, though, Iconia W510 with Windows 8 comes with a weaker Clover Trail Atoms processor. Also, it has a lower resolution, at 1,366 x 768 pixels. Photo lovers will find a 8 MP camera that beats the 5 MP one found in the sister model. A big plus, at least from my point of view, is represented by the 3G broadband option, which will make sure you can make the most of your Windows 8 tablet from Acer.

Fujitsu  – ARROWS Tab QH55, STYLISTIC QH77

Fujitsu is a company that I have always repsected and had a special opinion about their products. And that’s why I wasn’t surprised to find out that Fujitsu has announced so many well-made products with Windows 8. You will see on their page that the word “thinnest” is mentioned many times. Sadly, Fujitsu doesn’t have such a good marketing strategy and thus, their products won’t reach to as many consumers as many from this list. But these two tablets aren’t worse than other devices from our list.

Arrows Tab QH 55 is a water resistant tablet that has Windows 8, so you can take it to the pool with you. And it’s actually the world’s slimmest water-resistant tablet that runs Windows 8. It his 9.9 mm thin and weighs around 574 g. Its battery lasts for 10.5 hours of video playback. Arrows Tab from Fujitsu is also dust-resistant.  2 GB of RAM and a SSD of 64GB would seem appealing at the right price. The 10.1-inch display has a  resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. There aren’t yet other details or better pictures.

growing list of windows 8 tablets and hybrids - fujitsu stylistic hybridStylistic is yet another Windows 8 hybrid. The 10.1-inch Windows 8/Windows 8 Pro slate has an AMD dualcore Z-60 APU processor, 4GB of memory and Radeon HD 6250 video card. It will come with a range of SSD from 64GB to 256GB,  digital pen and a resolution of 1366 x 768. Interesting and laudable, it comes with 4G LTE and other standard features such as Wi-Fi, optional Bluetooth, HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port. The hybrid measures at 273.5 x 176 x 13.9 mm and weighs 820g and also has a 5 MP camera.

LG 11.6-inch H160

The Windows 8 tablet/hybrid family is getting unexpectedly big for some people out there. For me, it’s something that just had to happen. You have to realize that Microsoft did talk and cooperate with Original Equipment Manufacturers for the release of Windows 8. That’s why there are already so many devices and the diversity is that big. The latest name in the Windows 8 game is LG and it shows quite a sexy hybrid.

The LG H160 has a 11.6 inch size with an IPS panel and a battery that should last for about 10 hours. We’re not sure if it will have Windows 8 or Windows RT at the moment. Read our guide to know what are the differences betwee these two. The LG H160 has a sliding keyboard that makes it an interesting product to have in your hands but makes it look similar with the Sony Vaio Duo 11. It is 15.9mm thin and weighs just 1.05kg. We don’t know yet its price or more details about its innards, but from the looks of it, it’s one Windows 8 hybrid to keep an eye on. Have a look at the video below and understand why this is an interesting concept.

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