Do you know that first ever registered domain name was and this happened in March, 1985? This interesting infographic highlights some very interesting facts about the Internet industry that I’m sure most of you weren’t aware of. Join us as we will try to extract the most valuable information provided and share with you details about the domain name market, about emoticons, emails, ads, social media.

26 interesting facts about the internet - internet users

Interesting facts about the Internet industry

At the moment, it is considered that the rough value of the Internet industry is somewhere around $1.5 trillion. By 2012, this industry is projected to increase to almost $4 trillion, almost 3 times bigger than it is now. As more people will obtain access to the Internet, it is only natural to assume that the number of those that will get involved will increase. More pople will buy domain names, and the activity on social media will increase. Find below curious facts about the growing online market.

Domain names

26 interesting facts about the internet - domain names

  • Each year, the total amount of domain sales exceeds $250 million
  • The average price for a premium domain is more than $20,000
  • 2012 closed with more almost 129 million registered domain names
  • The longest domain name is
  • was sold to Facebook for almost $9 million
  • There are 676 possible two letter domain names (not sure if there’s one free, though)
  • Most expensive domain name ever –, was sold for $13 million

Internet users and email

26 interesting facts about the internet - email users

  • There were 3.1 billion email accounts by the end of 2011 / 89% of it were spam
  • Daily, people send almost 300 billion email messages
  • There are 2.1 billion Internet users in the world, 485 million of them are in China
  • There are more devices connected to the Web than living human beings
  • There are 83 million web-connected smartphones

Emoticon, images and ads

26 interesting facts about the internet - facebook images

  • Kevin Mackenzie made the first emoticon in 1979 -)
  • The next, “more advanced” emoticon, was meant to be read sideways :-)
  • AT&T bought the first banner (468×60) ad in 1994 from HotWired
  • 30 seconds of 2012 Superbowl ads cost $3.5 million
  • The cost for 1000 views on Facebook range from $2 to $8
  • 100 billion images on Facebook by the mid of 2011
  • 4.5 million pictures are daily uploaded to Flickr

Social media, video

26 interesting facts about the internet - youtube total videos

  • There were 100 million active Twitter users in 2011
  • 250 million tweets are being sent every day
  • There are 70 million WordPress blogs
  • The number of social networking accounts amounts to almost 2.5 billion
  • 48 hours of YouTube video is being uploaded every minute
  • There are 1 trillion playbacks on YouTube so far
  • U.S holds almost 77% of YouTube’s market share
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